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Arrest of luncheons during a raid on a café

The phenomenon of Moroccan luncheons during the month of Ramadan continues to cause controversy. Casablanca police raided a café in Casablanca, arresting a group of young people breaking their fast in a café in the metropolis, as well as the employees.

According to information from MoroccoLatestNews, the police arrested a group of young Moroccans “breaking the fast without legitimate reason” in the middle of Ramadan in a cafe in the economic capital of the kingdom, this Wednesday at noon.

Customers and employees of the cafe, located in central Casablanca, were arrested, amid a large public gathering of citizens who witnessed the sudden raid.

MoroccoLatestNews data indicates that security forces arrested the youths “breaking the fast” during this police raid, while other people who used the space to carry out their work, as well as foreigners, were not arrested.

Still according to the same source, this cafe, located in the center of the economic capital, offered its services to customers for many years during the month of Ramadan.

This arrest has divided public opinion. While some have welcomed this intervention, considering that it is part of respect for religion and respect for the “collective faith” of Moroccans, others denounce these methods, affirming that the young man’s breakup was not made on public roads and called for respect for individual freedoms in the country.

As a reminder, according to article 222 of the Moroccan penal code, the consumption of food in public during the month of Ramadan is prohibited by law for anyone of the Muslim faith. Establishments serving food and drink generally remain closed during the day.

Indeed, anyone, considered a Muslim, who does not fast during the month of Ramadan and shows it in a public place, incurs one to six months in prison, according to the law.




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