ARM pays tribute to poet Mohamed Bennis

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco (ARM) paid tribute to Mohamed Bennis, Moroccan poet with international influence.

To celebrate Mohamed Bennis is to celebrate his journey of more than fifty years during which he has enriched the poetic and cultural life with singular and precious works, indicates the ARM.

For the organizers and the various speakers during this tribute ceremony, Bennis is a poet and bearer of continuous creativity, a state of mind anchored in reflection and questioning, and a conviction that hangs on the principle of the poet’s freedom, the privacy of his action and his choices in the construction of modern poetry, open to adventure and dialogue.

Eminent personalities from the world of culture and art, and was punctuated by testimonials from guests and participants from Morocco and elsewhere, men and women who have rubbed shoulders with Mohamed Bennis, studied, appreciated and been marked by his work, took part in this ceremony.

On this occasion, the ARM published an artistic work on Mohamed Bennis entitled “Maqam Achi’er” (مقام الشعر); collection of documents, studies and testimonies of poets, critics, researchers and translators speaking in several languages.

It is a unique work by what it exposes as a global and deep analysis of the works of Mohamed Bennis in poetry then study, texts and translation, at the same time as it demonstrates the place of the poet. in the modern Arab poetic sphere and its distinguished position on an Arab and international scale, through what has been translated from his works into several languages, from his participation in the enrichment of the poetic idea, and all that ‘he undertook to defend poetry and poets in Morocco and elsewhere.

The Academy has also published a poetic anthology titled “Fenêtre près ouvert” (نافذة شبه مفتوحة) and which is the collection of a selection of works produced throughout a poetic experience that dates back to the mid-sixties of the century. last and which continues today to build a poetic aesthetic that bears the imprint of the poet Mohamed Bennis.


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