Archaeological remains discovered in the old medina of Salé

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (Department of Culture), announced this Friday the discovery of remains and archaeological structures during the development work of the “Foundouk Al Kaa Al Kadima” located in the center of the medina of Salé, as part of the rehabilitation and enhancement project of this old medina (2019-2023).

Following an initial expertise carried out in situ by the competent services of the regional directorate of culture of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, it was agreed between the various stakeholders, under the supervision of the Wilaya of the region and the prefecture of Salé , to carry out excavations on the site, in order to determine the nature of the discovery and to study its historical stages, specifies a press release from the ministry.

Indeed, he adds, archaeological excavations were launched on June 7, 2021, on the site under the supervision of the National Institute of Archaeological and Heritage Sciences (INSAP) and the Regional Directorate of culture department with the help of a company specializing in the field.

These excavations continue by a team of archaeologists under the supervision of the head of the Islamic archeology department at INSAP, Dr Lahcen Taouchikht, until the first week of July. Until now, they have enabled the discovery of archaeological structures identifying the main stages of use of the site throughout its history.

They also made it possible to discover many archaeological remains, in particular ceramics and metal, which testify to the richness of the stages which marked the use of the places, indicated the same source, noting that all the discoveries will be the object. a detailed scientific report that will shed light on the history of the site.



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