Arab Observatory for Human Rights condemns ‘lies and misinformation’ in HRW report on Morocco

The Arab Observatory for Human Rights condemned, on Friday, “the lies and disinformation” contained in the report published by “Human Rights Watch” (HRW) on Morocco.

“Such politicized relationships will not discourage the Kingdom of Morocco from pursuing its pioneering march in the field of freedoms, democracy and freedom of opinion and expression, based on its constitution, which guarantees the freedoms for all, and its legislative system which promotes the principles of justice, equality and respect for rights”the observatory said in a statement.

He also criticized “Human Rights Watch’s biased statement” and considered it “a new failure for the organization, which publishes press releases with the aim of conveying politicized and tendentious positions which have nothing to do with the defense of human rights, insists on distorting the image of the internal situation in Arab countries, without providing concrete evidence of its accusations based on lies and disinformation, as it shows a lack of credibility in the preparation of its reports”.



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