Arab Journalism Prize: Moroccan Abdelilah Belkeziz awarded in the “Chronicle” category

Moroccan author and thinker Abdelilah Belkeziz won the Arab Journalism Prize in the “Chronicle” category on Monday in Dubai.

Awarded, like other thinkers, writers and journalists within the framework of the Universal Exhibition “Expo Dubai 2020”, Abdelilah Belkeziz received his prize from the hands of Sheikh Mohamed Ben Rached Al Maktoum, president of the “Dubai Media Council “.

The Moroccan thinker is considered one of the symbols of journalistic writing in the Arab world, he who has published hundreds of articles in the main Arab and regional newspapers, as well as more than fifty works relating to philosophy, humanities and Islamic studies, in addition to numerous literary and narrative works.

In addition, the Award for Media Personality of the Year was awarded to Egyptian journalist and writer Emad El-Din Adib, “in recognition of his efforts to support the Egyptian press and enrich the Arab media scene, by making numerous contributions. throughout his career ”.

The Arab Journalism Prize was created in November 1999 to encourage journalists in the region to innovate by recognizing the brightest elements.



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