Arab information ministers warn against media campaigns targeting Palestinians

Arab information ministers warn against media campaigns targeting Palestinians

Against the backdrop of rising tensions in the Palestinian territories, the Arab information ministers participating in the international symposium on “the role of the media in promoting the civilizational identity of Al-Quds Al-Sharif” urge the fight against deceptive and incitement campaigns targeting Palestinians.

According to the final report of the symposium organized by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication in partnership with the Bayt Mal Al Quds Acharif Agency on the sidelines of the meetings of Arab Ministers of Information held in Morocco from 19 to 21 June, participants stressed the importance of developing an Arabic repository for the control of Arabic information and terminology related to the Palestinian issue in partnership with the relevant committees within the Council of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to be adopted by organizations, news agencies and media in member countries.

This call follows misleading and incitement campaigns carried out by the Israeli media against the Palestinians and their right to defend and protect the sanctity of their religious and civilizational heritage.

For the participants, thehe advocacy of the Arab media in favor of Al Quds must be based on a discourse understandable by all, in particular the West and its institutions. They also highlight the role of social networks in media support for Al-Quds, affirming the need to improve media content on Arab issues, in particular the defense of this cradle of religious and civilizational coexistence.

Furthermore, they believe that the creation of a unified Arab media platform seems appropriate for it to be a source of proposals and a serious source of indicators, statistics, figures and studies relating to the Arab media, their distribution and influence on the Western audience, particularly with regard to the Palestinian question and Al Quds.

In addition, the participants testified to the commitment of the Kingdom in the execution of the reports and recommendations issued during the previous sessions of the Council of Arab Ministers of Information. Ithey also have welcomed the royal directives relating to the management of the action of the Al-Quds Committee, reflected by the political and legal roles played by Moroccan diplomacy, but also the social action carried out by the Bayt Mal Al Quds Acharif Agency, saying that the Maqdessis and their institutions appreciate these efforts.


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