another atmosphere to enjoy!

another atmosphere to enjoy!

While some take advantage of the Ramadan atmosphere by preparing their own “purely” homemade ftours, others prefer to have their special Ramadan dishes to take away from the restaurant or for delivery at home.

For those who are forced to use it (students, single employees and living alone, etc.) and those who deliberately choose it, take away is one of the most practical solutions during this blessed month, which is getting closer. the winter period characterized in particular by a consumer preference for home orders.

“I can’t take the risk of preparing a well-made Ramadan ftour in the middle of exams”, confides to MAP Ouiem (23), a master’s student, pointing out that a balanced homemade ftour not only consumes a lot of energy but also a lot of time.

“To prepare yourself an ftour that recalls the family atmosphere, it can take up to 2 hours of cooking, not counting the time for shopping, a very difficult task to take on, especially during the period of studies and exams” , she argued.

And to continue: “The best solution for me is therefore to order homemade dishes, in order to save time and eat something that reminds us of the breaking of the family fast”.

A teleconsultant in a call center, Ahmed (33) orders his diversified ftour box every day from a delivery application. For him, it is not just a simple alternative to homemade meals, but also a real opportunity to savor a different ftour every day while getting away from the stress imposed by the nature of his work, which obliges him to maintain the usual shifts even during Ramadan.

Far from testimonials, people make more use of the “take-out” service and home deliveries during this sacred month, an observation confirmed by Hamza Naciri Bennani, general manager of Glovo-Morocco, a pioneering multi-category application that offers services on demand in restaurants, grocery stores, local supermarkets as well as convenience stores.

“Our data from the previous year shows that orders placed around 6 p.m. for the fast-breaking meal exceeded the annual average by 38.45%, and orders between 11 p.m. and midnight showed a 138% increase compared to the annual average. Fridays and Saturdays are also the days when the demand becomes important, ”says Mr. Naciri Bennani.

An increase in supermarket shopping orders during this period is also noted, he said, stressing, in this regard, that “users do more shopping through the application, particularly opting for the “Express” service. which offers delivery in less than 30 minutes until 3 a.m., with a 20% increase in orders during the month of Ramadan last year”.

Moreover, the orders reflect a preference of Moroccans for traditional dishes, he continued, noting that the clientele during the month of Ramadan is made up of people aged between 25 and 34, students, as well as active families and parents, who find in this service a solution for their races dedicated to the preparation of the ftour.


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