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Annual revision of the electoral lists: The filing of the registration request is open until December 31, 2022

The Ministry of the Interior announced on Thursday the opening of the procedure for filing applications for registration on the sidelines of the annual revision of the general electoral lists and the electoral lists of the Professional Chambers, the deadline for which is set for December 31. 2022.

In a press release published this Thursday, December 1, the Ministry of the Interior called on citizens eligible for the criteria imposed by law and who have still not registered on the general electoral lists to submit their requests before the 31st of next month to offices of the local administrative authorities where the address of residence is registered or by directly accessing the and enter the number of the national identity card accompanied by the date of birth or the surname.

However, it is required that persons who have changed their place of residence submit a request for transfer of registration to the electoral list of the new arrondissement or new municipality within the same deadlines set for registration. This applies in particular to citizens who have changed residence but whose address is still in the same municipality and the same district as the former domicile.

The citizens concerned must be at least 18 years old, or reach this age no later than March 31, 2023, enjoy their civil and political rights and who are not in one of the cases of disqualification provided for by law. The national identity card is mainly the document to be used for registration on the general electoral lists.

For Moroccans residing abroad, registration on the general electoral lists is possible from the country of residence, by submitting the application to the Moroccan embassy or consulate of the place of residence.

According to the law on general electoral lists, only this list is approved for the conduct of general, complementary or partial elections of the House of Representatives, regional councils and community councils and boroughs. The general voters list is also used to conduct polls.

Access to personal data for people already registered is now possible by sending an SMS to 2727 (free number).

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior announced in particular that the filing of registrations on the electoral rolls of the Professional Chambers, for professionals working in sectors covered by the Chambers of Agriculture, Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services , Chambers of Crafts or Chambers of Maritime Fishing, and which are not registered on the current lists, is open from December 1 to 31, 2022 as part of the annual review for the year 2023, specifies the press release .

Eligible professionals must therefore submit their applications to the offices of the local administrative authority responsible for the place of exercise of their professional activity.

The Minister recalls that professionals registered in the current electoral lists of the professional chambers, wishing to transfer their registration from the electoral list of a professional category or of an electoral body to the list of another category or of another body or from one electoral district or electoral chamber to another electoral district or electoral chamber, must submit their applications to the aforementioned offices, during the same period from December 1 to 31, 2022.



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