An individual exhibition with the woman in the spotlight

Moroccan-Canadian artist Hamid Bouhioui makes his Come-Back with an exhibition entitled ” Shifting shapes “. Organized by the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Residing Abroad, the exhibition will start from this Thursday, May 27 to June 26, 2021 at the Espace Rivages in the city of Rabat.

Painter and acoustician, Hamid Bouhioui lives in Canada. In her works, the artist uses different acrylic, watercolor and monotype techniques to represent the woman who acquires a privileged status under her brush. The exhibition ” Shifting Shapes” or ” changing shapes »Marks a transitional period in the pictorial approach of this artist, the Hassan II Foundation informed in a press release.

In accordance with the preventive health measures against Covid 19, L’Espace Rivages will thus host recent works by Hamid Bouhioui, who is exhibiting individually in Morocco after a few years of absence from the Moroccan artistic scene. ” I am very happy to exhibit in Morocco and to find the public in Rabat, because my last painting exhibition took place in Montreal in Canada. “Said the artist, quoted in the press release.

Who is Hamid Bouhioui?

Hamid Bouhioui is a Moroccan-Canadian artist who has been practicing the visual arts since childhood. Born in Casablanca, he was spotted, at the age of 14, by his drawing teacher who organized his very first exhibition for him in the teachers’ room of the college. After obtaining his baccalaureate, he went to study in Compiègne in France where, a few years later, he obtained his doctorate in acoustics and followed advanced courses in drawing and painting at the school of fine arts of the same. city. After his doctorate, he went to live by the Pacific Ocean in the city of Vancouver in Canada. There, he continued to paint, and exhibited his works in various Canadian galleries, but also in Morocco and elsewhere.

In an interview given to the E-taqafa platform of the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Residing Abroad, the artist returned to his childhood, the title of his exhibition and its meaning, the choice of materials they use or even the place of women in this exhibition.

Since childhood, I have always had great pleasure in drawing. And I never stopped practicing this passion even when I was a student. And as soon as I could afford tubes of paint and canvases, I started painting. I was good at drawing, but painting was difficult to learn and I happened to throw canvases on several occasions. After my doctorate, I enrolled at the municipal school of fine arts in Compiègne where I spent two years perfecting my practical knowledge. »Revealed the artist.

Regarding the title ‘ Shifting Shapes ” or “Changing shapes And its meaning in certain aspects of his exhibition, the Moroccan-Canadian artist confided that while he was preparing the works for this exhibition, he had the feeling of being in a kind of bifurcation. ” I don’t know if this will be visible on my works, but what is certain is that something was changing in my pictorial approach. One of the strangest phenomena in painting is the inability to describe certain feelings in words. This feeling of change is one He replied.

For his choice of acrylic in some of his paintings, Hamid Bouhioui explained that since the Flemish painter Jan van Eyck (14e century) and perhaps long before, painters used oil paint, because it was the only one to offer a superior quality of colors and tones. But the technology of the 20e century allowed the invention of acrylic which is even more advantageous than oil because it offers a very good quality of colors and tones while avoiding dangerous chemicals since it is soluble in water . In addition, the acrylic paint dries in just a few minutes, he said.

“I remember, when I used oil paints, some of my paintings took several weeks to dry. So it is for these reasons that I opted for acrylic without the slightest regret. He revealed.

The exhibition ” Shifting Shapes ”By Hamid Bouhioui brings together several portraits of women. But who are they? A question that comes up often, confides the artist. ” I am often asked this question because I only paint female subjects. And by dint of asking it myself, I ended up finding one of the probable reasons: I lost my parents when I was very young and I was mainly brought up by my eight sisters. So I spent almost all of my youth surrounded by the benevolent and protective faces of my sisters. And later, when I went to study in France and then in Canada, I spontaneously looked for female company with which I always felt more comfortable. I hardly ever felt the need to paint men. And today, I no longer ask myself these questions. I let myself be guided by my instincts without analyzing my behavior too much“, He confided.

The individual exhibition ” Shifting Shapes“, And in addition to the fact that it is presented at the Espace Rivages which is a beautiful exhibition hall according to the artist, Hamid Bouhioui confided that it is a good opportunity for him, because it will take place after several group exhibitions and two individual sound art exhibitions. ” So this is my first solo painting exhibition for a while. In addition, I am very happy to exhibit in Morocco and to meet the public in Rabat, because my last painting exhibition took place in Montreal, Canada. I take this opportunity to thank the people who made this exhibition possible, and in particular the Espace Rivages team for their welcome, their professionalism and their sympathy.“, Said the artist.



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