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An ex-ramedist supported up to 130,000 Dh

As part of the launch of the project to generalize medical coverage, a former Ramedist made the very first request for coverage, received and accepted by the CNSS, concerning an open-heart operation in a clinic in metropolitan France, and this, for an amount of 130,000 Dhs.

Coming into force yesterday Thursday, December 1, the generalization of medical coverage has enabled 11 million Ramedists to switch to Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO), thus allowing them to benefit from all hospital and clinical services, whether either private or public.

During this Thursday’s press conference at the end of the Government Council, Mustapha Baitas, government spokesman, welcomed this news, and revealed that the very first request for support received and accepted by the CNSS, concerns an open heart operation of a former ramedist, in a clinic in Casablanca, for an amount of 130,000 dirhams.

In detail, the government official explained that the administration of the National Social Security Fund received a request for the prior payment of treatment costs for a patient residing in the city of Casablanca. » Now, he will be able to carry out his operation with complete peace of mind.“, rejoiced Baitas.

The government spokesperson did not fail to recall that ” it is the State that bears the monthly membership fees of these categories to the AMO, as long as they are unable to contribute »

On the other hand, Mustapha Baitas hailed the achievement of the national football team which qualified for the round of 16 of the World Cup hosted in Qatar, noting that “ the government and the Federation have done what must be done, and the national team has honored us all“.

The remarkable performance of the players of the Moroccan team is a source of pride for all Moroccans. This leads us to believe that working calmly and away from any pressure always gives convincing results.“, he underlined.



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