An event under the sign of sharing and exchange

Lady Berber. This is the title of an original and humanly strong exhibition which will take place from June 4 in the Agafay desert. An original exhibition imagined by Stéphanie Cassan and collector Nathalie Heller Loufrani in collaboration with the French Institute of Marrakech.

In the Land of the Stars, in the depths of the desert, the public will discover the Zindekh tapestries made by women from the Azizal region since the 90s. Real works of art in the tradition of the greatest artists and paintings of the self-taught artist Keya who has been living in Marrakech for several years.

This gallery in the desert combines tradition and modernity, art and crafts, women’s secrets and their daring worldviews, the organizers say in a statement.

In the fiber, these women testify to their experiences, their loneliness, their joy, their delicacy, guided by a story carried by their mothers and grandmothers before them. Their strength, according to the same source, is to have created their own language in which their speech is no longer killed. An inarticulate and pure language. As the words seem dull in the face of the surges of the heart …

For the founder of ” Lady Berber “Quoted by the press release, the event has only one objective:” highlight the work of these Lady Berbers, support the SEMNID association and will open a new home for the start of the school year to support the education of girls in rural areas “.

On the program, the opening will take place on June 4 in the Agafay desert, at the Terre des Etoiles lodge. Subsequently, a video report on the women of the Middle Atlas and Zindekhs tapestries will be staged in the exhibition followed by the launch of a book “ Lady Berber », Which traces the history of this event.

Music and dance will also be at the rendezvous during this event. A contemporary dance show is also planned by the organizers, created by choreographer Taoufiq Izeddiou. This show is a creation around the Lady Berbère event.

Taoufiq Izeddiou was inspired by his mother who created rugs and taught him the art of weaving. The Agafay desert evokes for the artist the earth, the return to sources and origins, the human. ” If there is no ground, there is no support, if there is no support, no dance. »Says Taoufiq, quoted by the press release. An atypical dancer, he directs a contemporary dance company entitled ” Anania “And a Festival entitled” We walk“.

Beyond the Walls, the exhibition will also be presented at Palace Es Saadi and Selman Marrakech from June 3, 2021.



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