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An Argentinian expert denounces the manipulation of Paris through France 24

France’s double-dealing over the Sahara has manifested itself in its television media, which propagates content in favor of the Polisario militia theory. This manipulation aimed directly at the Spanish-speaking public was denounced by an Argentine expert in international relations.

Macron’s France continues to use low-level schemes to weaken Morocco and harm its national cause. The official French channel, France 24, broadcast a program “In 5 minutes” full of fake news and an explicit manipulation of events to support the Polisario militia while ignoring that the real party behind this conflict is the ‘Algeria.

In this program broadcast on the Spanish version of France 24 which informs Latin America, the French channel knowingly modified reality to feed separatist propaganda. Argentinian journalist and international relations expert Adalberto Carlos Agozino said the program was marred by a succession of professional errors and serious slippages.

The expert pointed out that the Sahara has always been Moroccan land and an integral part of the Kingdom and that it was not terra nullius before Spanish colonization, as claimed by France 24.

The proof, he continued, is the relationship of allegiances of the chiefs of the Sahrawi tribes to the Moroccan sultans through the Islamic tradition of the Baiya. He also recalled that when Spain left the territory in 1975, it returned it to its true and legitimate owner, which is Morocco.

While denouncing the dissemination of “untruths” and “allegations contrary to reality”, a journalistic practice that he deemed lacking in ethics, Agozino maintained that contrary to what the French channel asserts, the conflict on the Sahara, was created from scratch by Algeria, and dates back to the Cold War era.

Algeria and the Polisario are preventing by all means the census of those sequestered in the Tindouf camps in southern Algeria, and that these people are not “refugees” as claimed by France 24, he said. recalled.

He explains in this regard that these people are forcibly detained in the camps to receive humanitarian aid which they divert by reselling it to the Algerians of Tindouf and selling the goods on the markets of sub-Saharan Africa, as had been denounced by numerous international organisations, notably European, including the World Food Program (WFP) and the report of the UN Security Council.

This manipulation knowingly sought by France 24 with the public of South American countries, some of whose leaders are close to Algeria and the Polisario militiamen, while others have changed sides to support Morocco in its fight to restore the truth , is the expression of the policy of France, which is losing momentum on the African scene, and which is trying in vain, through its official media, to obtain political and diplomatic support in new geographical areas, particularly in America. Latin, by conveying false information on the conflicts in Africa.

This reaction of the French official media is part of the context of the geopolitical shifts experienced by the question of the Moroccan Sahara after the American support for the sovereignty of Morocco over its southern provinces and the Spanish decision in favor of the autonomy proposal as only realistic solution to this conflict, while France has not been able to get out of the “grey zone” on this dispute, adds the Argentinian expert.

Adalberto Carlos Agozino, in this sense, deplored the lack of professionalism and the French bias, or how the French channel described the Moroccan plan as “ambiguous”, premeditatedly ignoring what the entire international community considers to be a “serious and credible” plan, and being the only viable initiative that can put an end to this regional conflict.

He also noticed that the French channel ignored the fact that the real party to the conflict is Algeria, which finances, arms, trains and provides diplomatic cover and intelligence for the benefit of the Polisario, even Iranian drones, which according to American media, were delivered to the separatist entity via Algeria, adding that the Polisario has a heavy terrorist record behind it and constitutes a direct threat to peace and stability, not only for North Africa, but also for the northern shore of the Mediterranean.

The Argentinian expert also wondered: If Algeria carries out all these hostile actions against Morocco and its territorial integrity and closes its airspace and borders, then how can the French channel not consider it a part principal to the conflict?



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