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An Algerian at the head of the “Ministry of the Interior” of the Polisario

The Polisario’s announcement of the composition of a new “government”, led by Bouchraya Beyoun, was accompanied by big surprises, in particular the appointment of an Algerian woman within the separatist group. This appointment confirms the ethnic replacement of the original Sahrawis and the direct links between the separatist militia and Algeria.

In the eyes of international law, the self-proclaimed SADR of Brahim Ghali does not represent a real state, but the separatist group is still pursuing its fantasy by announcing, on Tuesday evening, the formation of a new “government” with Bouchraya Beyoun in its head and the Algerian Meryem Salek H’Mada at the head of the “Ministry of the Interior”.

Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, from the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, who had held this position since 1998, was replaced by Mohamed Sidati, former representative of the militia to the European Union and spokesman at the 16 Front congress which took place last January. A change taking place at the end of the calls for a revision and a restructuring of the polisario after persistent demands of the members of the militia.

The surprises don’t end there. Mostapha Mohamed Ali Sayed Al Bachir of the Bouihates tribe, who had declared that the “rasd is not a state”, retains his post of “minister of the occupied territories and the Sahrawi diaspora”.

But what raises the real questions is the appointment of the Algerian Meryem Salek H’Mada, to the post of “Minister of the Interior”. If this announcement should prove only one thing, it is that now the Polisario and Algeria formalize and no longer hide their union.

Meryem Salek H’Mada, an Algerian from Tindouf, was previously “Minister of Culture and Minister of Education”. She is also an active member of the National Union of Saharawi Women and a member of the national secretariat of the Polisario Front. According to Maghreb media, the new “Minister of the Interior” is very close to Brahim Ghali.

In addition, her name had arisen when she attacked Saudi Arabia, considering it as an enemy, during a rally in Tindouf and this, because of its position in favor of the Moroccanness of the Sahara. She is particularly known for her hostile statements attacking all Arab and European countries that are not aligned with the thesis of division of the Kingdom of Morocco, supported by Algeria.

Moreover, this designation will undoubtedly strengthen the presence of Algerians within the leadership of the Polisario for a future succession to Brahim Ghali.

In addition, this new “government” is marked by the absence of the brother of the founder of the polisario, Bachir Mustapha Sayed, excluded from the list of “presidency advisers”, also announced on Tuesday.

Recall that during the 16th congress, Sayed presented his candidacy to lead the separatist movement to succeed Ghali, and ended up collecting 563 votes, which was not enough to compete with the leader of the separatists who was re-elected for a mandate. of three years.



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