Amir Ohana Wednesday in Morocco

Amir Ohana Wednesday in Morocco

Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana’s visit to Morocco had been announced for some time but without further details. This Monday, the Israeli press specifies that this trip will take place on Wednesday, June 7th.

Quoting a official statementthe press indicates d’Ohana will make an official visit to the Kingdom from Wednesday, during which he will meet his counterpart Rachid Talbi Alami, speaker of the House of Representatives, Nordine Elhrouchi, president of the Moroccan side of the Morocco friendship group -Israel, as well as the representatives of the different Jewish communities of Morocco.

Amir Ohana, quoted in the statement, also said he will hold talks with other Moroccan officials. The program of the visit also includes the signing, with Talbi Alami, of a memorandum of understanding on parliamentary cooperation, in addition to a press conference.

After recalling his Moroccan origins and the fact that he is the first Moroccan to preside over the Knesse, Ohana thanked King Mohammed VI and hailed his leadership for peace.

“This visit was made possible thanks to the revolutionary leadership of the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI”, he assured, before adding: “The dream of peace with Islamic countries has been beating in our hearts since time immemorial. And it is appropriate that, among all these countries, the Kingdom of Morocco is the first to invite one of the symbols of the government and president of the legislative branch of the State of Israel for an official visit to the House of Representatives”.


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