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Amina Bouayach: The Royal Speech devotes “a new stage” in the consolidation of gender equality

The President of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), Amina Bouayach, considered that King Mohammed VI’s call for the operationalization of constitutional institutions concerned with family and women’s rights is “a new step in the consolidation of equality between Moroccan men and women”.

The speech addressed by the Sovereign to the Nation on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of his enthronement, continued the president of the CNDH, carries a message of consecration of equality, in the sense that he asked that national mechanisms and legislation dedicated to the promotion of these rights be updated.

In his speech, it will be recalled, the Sovereign underlined that since his accession to the Throne he had ensured the promotion of the condition of women, by offering them all the possibilities of development and by granting them the place which is their rightful law, including the promulgation of the Family Code and the adoption of the 2011 Constitution which enshrines equality between men and women in rights and obligations.

For Amina Bouayach, these achievements show that the King sets up the principle of parity as an objective that the State must seek to achieve.

In this regard, she recalled the revision of several legal texts with a view to consolidating the rights of women and the family, even though the Family Code represents a real leap forward capable of enabling women to occupy the place that falls to them and bring their efficient support to all sectors of development.




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