AMEE: A “War Room” dedicated to the promotion of green projects

The new multi-party structure, inaugurated by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Green and Digital Economy in partnership with the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE), aims to set up an attractive framework for the emergence of an ecosystem favorable to the green economy.

This ecosystem, based at AMEE, should make it possible to generate long-term employment, support Moroccan industry to substitute imports and increase exports while decarbonizing its processes, improving the trade balance and relaunching the economy. post-covid economy through a bank of projects.

On this occasion, the Director General of AMEE, Saïd Mouline, indicated that the spirit of this “War Room Green Economy” is to bring together all the projects related to renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility or the circular economy, with the ambition of facilitating investments in these areas for both national and international players.

In this “War Room”, the AMEE as well as the various partners will work to facilitate and promote investments inherent in the green economy, in particular through technical support, in terms of land, finance and regulations, noted Mr. Mouline. .

Presenting this new device, the DG of AMEE indicated that the “War Room” is structured around 7 stations organized around a Project Management Office (PMO) within the Agency.

Saïd Mouline who underlined the importance of the green economy, particularly in terms of job creation for young people in Morocco, highlighted the Kingdom’s efforts to green its economy, especially in the most productive sectors.

Photo Mounir Mehimdate

In this sense, he mentioned the presence in Morocco of solar and green hydrogen clusters, actors in Research and Development as well as other actors who support this transition to a green economy.

The premises of the AMEE will host this new “War Room” dedicated to the green economy, which will bring together the various stakeholders around a single table to guarantee a framework of global coherence and collective reflection, and to facilitate the flow of information. information and inter-entity data exchange, with a view to achieving quantified objectives.

According to the AMEE, this device will also allow a more rapid, efficient and flexible search for administrative resources in search of solutions to the problems of the green economy and sustainable development.

The “War Room”, the installation and management of which will be done in perfect coordination with the various partners, will be made up of 7 axes organized around a PMO within the AMEE headquarters in Rabat. The 7 axes represent 7 projects which bring together all the actions to be undertaken across the entire value chain in terms of regulations, supply, land, and standardization. The projects also include financial support for development projects, capacity building and communication.

This unit, through its various components and stakeholders, will thus serve to accelerate the decision-making process, define priorities and address the prerequisites, isolate and activate Quicks Wins, strengthen the coordination and monitoring of actions between the different ministries and partners, and guarantee the removal of barriers with project leaders.

According to AMEE, the investment projects bank aims to encourage green industrial entrepreneurship, assert Morocco’s industrial place, and position Morocco in new markets linked to the green economy. A first list made it possible to identify 35 files spread over the whole of the national territory. This first wave of sheets will be supplemented by sheets produced by the various partners.



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