AMDH urges protesting PhD holders to end near month long hunger strike over health concerns

AMDH urges protesting PhD holders to end near month long hunger strike over health concerns

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights has called upon unemployed PhD holders currently on a hunger strike to cease their protest. 

The strike has been ongoing for over 27 days, with concerns raising about the health and well-being of the participants. 

The Amdh expressed concerns about the health conditions of these hunger-striking individuals, who began their open-ended protest on July 25th. 

Given the serious health risks posed by the prolonged hunger strike, the AMDH appealed to the  protesters to temporarily suspend their strike to ensure their safety and well-being. 

The AMDH stressed that the right to life is sacred and must be protected. The hunger strikers’ actions directly jeopardize their own lives, which goes against this fundamental right. 

The association further highlighted the responsibility of the state to ensure the well-being of its citizens. It called upon relevant authorities to engage in a serious and responsible dialogue with the protesting PhP holders. 

It further emphasized that the state has a duty to protect its citizens’ well-being and to engage constructively to find a resolution to their concerns. 

In an interview with MoroccoLatestNews English, Mohamed Ait Tarabet, a member of the protesting PhD holders committee, shed light on the dire situation of unemployed Phd holders.

“This hunger strike comes after 4 years of struggle on the streets of Rabat, sending letters to officials, and facing suppression during our protests near the parliament, Ministry of Education, Higher Education, and the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra regional authority,” Ait Tarabet explained. 

He highlighted that the decision to initiate the hunger strike was seen as a necessary step after these years of futile attempts to make their voices heard.

“Our hunger strike is a statement of our commitment to dignity and sacrifice, since we have received no response or consideration for our demands. Today marks our 30th day without sustenance,” Ait Tarabet emphasized. 

He pointed out the deteriorating health conditions of the striking PhD holders, with cases of fainting leading to daily hospitalizations. Many of them suffer from chronic illnesses such as heart conditions, high blood pressure, and diabetes, making their situation even more precarious.

Ait Tarabet revealed that the hunger strike was the result of a loss of trust in the university’s hiring practices, as well as nepotism and favoritism, which hindered their employment prospects. 

“Our list contains 50 PhD holders across diverse fields, ranging from science to literature to technology,” he stated. He clarified that their ultimate goal is to secure positions within Moroccan universities and research centers, advocating for the inclusion of all 50 PhD holders without discrimination.

“We cannot end the hunger strike without substantial dialogue between the protesting PhD holders and the responsible authorities. The government, Prime Minister, and all officials must recognize their responsibility in the potential repercussions of this situation,” he asserted. 

Ait Tarabet concluded by stressing the urgent need for a serious and constructive dialogue to prevent any further escalation, given the critical state of the protesting PhD holders.


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