Amazigh Culture Prize 2020: We know the winners

The Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) has unveiled the names of the winners of the Amazigh Culture Prize for the year 2020, which will be awarded next Sunday, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Royal Speech Ajdir.

We thus learn on the IRCAM electronic site that Brahim El Mazned won the merit prize, while the national translation prize was awarded to Larbi Moumouch for his translation into the Amazigh of the novel “Death of” Ivan Ilich ”by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.

Regarding the national prize for Amazigh literary creation, it was awarded to Lhoussine Assaid for his collection of tales “Turtut n yidil”, and to Lahcen Bensaid for the collection of songs intended for children entitled “Urtan n tumrt”.

As for Houcine Ouzzig, he won the national media and communication award for his reports (Channel 2M) in Amazigh on the coronavirus pandemic in several laboratories and hospitals, while the national award for studies, research and computer programs has was awarded to Badr Boudhan who presented a set of digital media for learning and teaching Amazigh using cartoons.

Regarding the national prize for modern song, it was won by Soufiane Al Bouzakhti of the group “Rif Experience” for the song “Tarifit”, while the national prize for traditional song went to Ali Ait Bouzid for his song. “Laâdat”. The national film prize was awarded to Tarek El Idrissi for his film “Drz n tmazgha”.

The Amazigh Culture Prize aims to promote Amazigh culture in its various manifestations, through the encouragement of its writers, artists, thinkers and researchers.



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