Alternative to cigarettes, Philip Morris launches IQOS on the national market

To ensure its global vision of a smoke-free future, Philip Morris International in Morocco (PMM) organized a press conference on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, in the form of a webinar to present its new “modified risk” product, IQOS . Indeed, will tell us its Managing Director of Philip Morris International in Morocco Jalal Ibrahimi, in his global vision of a smoke-free future, PMI through IQOS technology, is part of a process to ensure an alternative to millions. adult smokers who do not want to quit.

This is the first time that a heated tobacco product will be launched on the Moroccan market and to do this it is the multinational PMI (Morocco) which, from mid-November, launched on the occasion of this conference this reduced risk heated tobacco product. If we stick to PMI, it will make its effective entry into Moroccan tobacco shops from this month. It is the Heets (tobacco sticks) of IQOS (the electronic device), the flagship products of Philip Morris, representing heated tobacco technology, which will be launched on the national market. You should know that in order to ensure its global vision of “a smoke-free future”, Philip Morris International (PMI), parent company of Philip Morris Morocco (PMM) has launched a new “modified risk” product, the IQOS. The IQOS represents a new technology which makes it possible to heat tobacco without burning it. It is an excellent alternative to smoking. PMM CEO Jalal Ibrahimi will tell us that this product has a technology that 95% eliminates combustion and therefore smoke which contains the main harmful components responsible for cancer-causing diseases linked to smoking. According to the WHO, the latter destroys the life expectancies of more than 8 million people per year. Morocco being considered as one of the largest consumers in the MENA region with 15 billion cigarettes going up in smoke per year, the Moroccan smoker consumes an average of 10 to 24 cigarettes / day.

This being the product presented by PMM, IQOS is a serious alternative, because in addition to generating up to 95% less harmful substances than a grilled cigarette, it is a tobacco product which is fundamentally different from the cigarette and especially is an option of other choice for those who would continue to smoke. The IQOS will make its effective entry into Moroccan tobacco shops from this month of November. These are the Heets (35 dhs tobacco sticks) from IQOS (the 750 dhs electronic device) that can be found in specific points of sale across the Kingdom. The availability of IQOS, one of Philip Morris’ flagship products, representing heated tobacco technology, will initially be in Casablanca before the sale extends to all the other cities of the Kingdom. The technology of this product allows heating from the heart of the tobacco, thanks to a technique based on the principle of induction. Until now, in the IQOS electronic system, it was a blade that allowed tobacco to be heated instead of burned. This innovation, developed at PMI’s global research and development center in Neuchâtel, will accelerate the goal of a smoke-free future. The latter aims to reduce the risks for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke, by replacing cigarettes with science-based smokeless products. It is in particular thanks to an improved user experience provided by this new technology that PMI hopes that a growing number of smokers will choose this better alternative to cigarettes.

The PMM vision fits in with PMI’s overall vision and aims to create a smoke-free future and the hope of one day no longer selling cigarettes, a very plausible goal for PMI which has invested more than 8 billion dollars. US dollars in recent years in scientific innovation, the creation of state-of-the-art R&D facilities in Switzerland and elsewhere and the recruitment of scientists, to do so. Jalal Ibrahimi will explain that with IQOS adult smokers in Morocco will be able to choose a better alternative to cigarettes and immediately warned “if you don’t smoke don’t start, if you smoke quit and for some reason choose to continue smoking switch to less harmful alternatives“. The allusion could not be clearer is the IQOS, offered from today PMM to all Moroccan adult smokers, who otherwise would continue to smoke, in order to meet the expectations of the society and consumers on the essential question: the harmfulness of cigarettes and their effects on the health of smokers and those around them. The product is marketed in around 70 countries and some 15 million adult smokers have already adopted IQOS and quit smoking.



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