Alien corpses unveiled in Mexico might be real, lab tests say

Alien corpses unveiled in Mexico might be real, lab tests say

Doctors in Mexico City have conducted extensive tests on two mysterious bodies that were recently discovered. The tests showed that the bodies belonged to a single skeleton and were not assembled. The bodies are small in stature and possess unusual features, such as three-fingered hands and shrunken heads. One of the bodies is described as female, and it contains eggs.

The tests, conducted by a forensic doctor with the navy, revealed that the bodies are approximately 1,000 years old and are not related to any known species on Earth.

“Based on the DNA tests, which were compared with more than one million species, they are not related to anything known or described up to this moment by science or human knowledge,” said Jose Zalce Benitez, the director of the Health Sciences Research Institute in the secretary of the Mexican navy’s office.

The discovery of these bodies has ignited a debate among scientists and the public alike. Some believe that the bodies may be of extraterrestrial origin, while others suspect that they could be a hoax or belong to a previously unknown species of animal.


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