Algeria’s dirty game to undermine Morocco

Algeria’s dirty game to undermine Morocco

The Algerian media are on the lookout for any sign or pretext to attack Morocco and its candidacies for the organization of the Football World Cup in 2030 jointly with Spain and Portugal or to host the next African Cup CAN 2025.

Algeria is definitely looking for the little beast in Morocco and for that, all means are good. In recent days, misleading press articles have suggested that Morocco could lose the organization of the next World Cup.

The Algerian media targeted Morocco only in their titles and in the body of the articles, forgetting in passing that it was not only the Kingdom that submitted this candidacy but two other countries. Among the fallacious arguments mentioned, they claim that the country should have 14 FIFA standard stadiums when in reality this number is shared between the 3 host countries.

This week, while the Minister Delegate for the Budget, and at the same time President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), Fouzi Lekjaa, was discussing in Parliament the infrastructure of the city and Fez, which includes a stadium, the Algerian media were the first to cry foul for one of his statements.

Before the House of Representatives, Fouzi Lekjaa declared that the Fez stadium would have “Inchallah (God willing) the honor of hosting CAN 2025 matches”, and for the tripartite bid for the 2030 World Cup ” that it will be one of the cities that will apply for 2030”.

The Algerian media are the only ones to have taken up the information seeing it as a scandal and affirming that Fouzi Lekjaa would have revealed that Morocco would have already won the organization of CAN 2025.

In a desperate attempt to recover, Algeria filed a complaint with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) over Lekjaa’s remarks. Remarks made in Morocco, within the Moroccan Parliament, in an internal context, and which in no way want to affirm anything, especially since he used the expression “inchallah” meaning that there is no has no certainty.

But Algeria did not stop there to look for the little beast. She also criticized Gianni Infantino for posting a photo of him wearing the Morocco jersey. The morbid jealousy of the Algerian leaders which manifests itself in the Algerian press goes so far as to claim that the boss of FIFA would have “made his choice” for Morocco by wearing this jersey.

Except that this photo is manipulated once again and taken out of context to feed the Algerian narrative. A simple search on the profile of Gianni Infantino shows that the FIFA boss has posted a carousel of photos and not just the one where he wears the Morocco shirt.

Additionally, Infantino posted other photos wearing the shirts of other nations like Argentina, and was accompanied by several football nationalities through the photos to convey the message that football unites and unites.

Finally, the photo of the FIFA boss in a Moroccan jersey dates back to February 10, 2023 when he took part in a friendly Gala match on the eve of the Mondialito with several major figures of national and international football.


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