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Algeria takes care of “re-electing” Brahim Ghali

Unsurprisingly, the next congress of the Polisario will witness the “re-election” of Brahim Ghali as leader of the Polisario, the Sahrawi separatist militia maintained by Algeria in the Sahara conflict. The Algerian soldiers, like good mafia godfathers, are also organizing a trip from Mauritania to feed its propaganda.

Algeria has given the green light to Brahim Ghali to continue at the head of the Front despite the wind of protest in the separatist camps in southern Algeria, in particular among the Polisarian youth lulled by stories of “struggles” and of violence.

In recent months, even in recent years, the number of defections from the Polisario separatist camp has continued to increase. Whether it is to join a third way represented by the Sahrawi Movement for Peace (MSP) or to simply come to their senses by forgetting the separatist thesis, the disappointed with the Polisario after 50 years of lies, have taken a new step by publicly displaying their disagreement.

Even the youth of the Polisario has used their official media to share their anger and their desire for change, thus defying the total absence of freedoms in the captive refugee camps and the real threat of torture that falls on dissenting voices.

The wave of anger was so strong that it pushed the Polisario to admit having committed crimes against humanity to make its mea culpa. Despite the fear of a fiercer rise in protest, democracy among the torturers and the criminal gang of the Polisario does not exist.

Brahim Ghali instructed his closest collaborators to sound out the troops to block the way to a possible replacement and, the only candidate who had presented himself against him, realized that he will not be able to beat Ghali loyal since he was rejected by Algiers, which controls the presence and organization of the militia. He thus announced his withdrawal and supported Ghali’s candidacy.

Expected for January 13 and until January 17, the congress is already ready to deceive with the presence of many Mauritanian guests. Algeria, which claims not to be a party to the conflict (although the international community and the UN Security Council say the opposite) organized a special trip from Mauritania to give credit to this “re-election” already scheduled .

An Air Algerie plane was chartered to Nouakchott to transport the Mauritanian guests, local journalists, parties such as the Union of Forces for Progress (UFP), and the National Rally for Social Reform (Tawasol).

In Mauritania, local voices have called for a boycott of the congress of the separatist militia because of the human rights violations committed by the Polisario against Mauritanians.



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