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Algeria releases its migrants and kills them at sea

Faced with the blackmail of Algeria which affects Spain, the North African country has gone far, too far. It is a real “barbarism”, concedes an Algerian journalist faced with a video which shows Algerian coastguards riddled with bullets a boat of migrants wishing to reach Spain.

Those who call it the “rogue state” are finally right. Algeria has just been caught red-handed killing its own nationals even though they haven’t even left the sea. A shocking video filmed by witnesses in the bay of Oran has been circulating the internet for 2 days. It shows how the Algerian authorities premeditatedly kill candidates for illegal immigration and hide the evidence to bury the case.

At the same time, the number of arrivals in Spain from the Algerian coasts has never been so important in recent days. The Spanish association Heros Del Mar, which helps migrants and publishes a report on the number of people rescued or arrived in Spain via illegal migration, has only posted group arrivals from Algeria in recent days.

🇪🇦🇩🇿 RESCATE – PATERA 🇪🇦🇩🇿

Servicio Marítimo de la Guardia Civil de Almería rescata esta tarde 4 Pateras a la deriva

1 – 12 Personas (6 Varones – 2 Mujeres and 4 Niños)

2 – 16 Men

3 – 9 Personas (5 Varones – 3 Mujeres and 1 Niño)

4 – 15 Personas

— Heroes del Mar (@Heroesdelmar) July 20, 2022

This increase in arrivals is explained not only by the fed up of the Algerians in the face of the situation of post-Hirak freedom restrictions and military dictatorship which has strengthened since the coming to power of Abdelmadjid Tebboune in 2019, but also by the absence of security cooperation between Algeria and Spain, at the initiative of Algeria, dissatisfied with Madrid’s position on the subject of the Sahara.

According to the European border and coast guard agency Frontex, quoted by Okdiario Andalucia, Spain would have received information on the proportion of the phenomenon of Algerian Harragas (migrants).

There are currently “many people ready to leave Algeria to enter Spain illegally on board boats”, Frontex said. “According to the information cross-checked and obtained by Frontex, Algeria will be among the first suppliers of illegal migrants during this summer of 2022”, commented the Algeriepart site.

Between January 1 and June 30, 2022, 3,619 migrants, mostly Algerians, entered the Spanish peninsula and the Balearic Islands illegally, says Okdiario Andalucia, and the numbers will rise this summer thanks to milder weather conditions. .

“Since the beginning of spring 2022, interceptions of small motor boats leaving from Algeria have become almost daily. Proof of this is that the Red Cross of Almeria has just revealed that nearly 200 people were intercepted off the coast of Andalusia between Wednesday July 20 and Thursday July 21,” explains Algeriepart.

A murderous state

Faced with the extent of the scourge, the Algerian coast guards, which come under the Ministry of Defence, have started killing migrants at sea, while their mission, on the contrary, is to save and provide assistance to people in danger.

The Algerian journalist Abdou Semmar, in exile in France, denounced a slippage too many “, speaking of the criminal acts of the Algerian coastguards whose practices were revealed to public opinion after the leak of a video filmed in Oran.

“The hour is serious”, he declared in a video titled “Algerian coastguards coldly murder harragas: You are criminals”, published on July 20, denouncing “the complicit silence” of the Ministry of Defense.

Abdou Semmar affirms that “since April 2022, the national service of the Algerian coast guards, are accused with supporting evidence, videos and testimonies. We see live, coastguards using their powerful boats (…) to track down harragas aboard makeshift boats”.

Francisco Jose Clemente Martin of the International Center for the Identification of Missing Migrants (Spain): “The Algerian navy fired on harraga departing from the coast of Oran causing the death of a young Algerian aged 25”
@Francisco Jose Clemente Martin pic.twitter.com/bikXl50VFM

– The Algerian Avant-Garde (@LAvantGardeALG) July 20, 2022

And to indicate that chases are normal, if their mission stops at preventing attempts at illegal migration. But in the case of the Algerian coastguards “there is no chase, there is really a murderous hunt”.

The Algerian journalist thus mentions the video broadcast by Francisco Jose Clemente Martin, a Spanish activist, specializing in the rescue of migrants arriving on the Spanish coast, and who has first-hand information in all cases of illegal migration in Spain.

“In Ain Turk, we see coast guards running a boat and instead of stopping the harragas they shoot them with live ammunition. There were two deaths including a certain Kamel, his story is heartbreaking,” said the journalist before adding that “they emptied their magazine. they fired with the aim of assassinating him. »

According to the testimonies, the two bodies (the second victim was not identified) were then transported in a coast guard truck, and their boat seized.

It was “to eliminate all traces. The images are clear, we hear the live ammunition shots, we hear the cries (…) this violence is unheard of, it’s barbarism, “said Abdou Semmar, continuing that” there is enough to trigger legal proceedings against the Algerian State”.

For his part, Francisco Jose Clemente Martin, indicated in a message posted on Facebook, accompanied by the photo of the deceased Kamel.

“This 25-year-old young man named Kamel, killed by the Algerian navy yesterday. They emptied the magazines of the pistols against him and his partner still without news… I posted the video yesterday – Today the family confirms the death following several shots, “he wrote.

” I have nothing more to say. I am truly sorry and a big hug to the friends and family of this young Algerian murdered by his own government”.

“I can’t take it anymore… It’s not just the drowned anymore but they’re already killing them before they come out. His whole body filled with lead,” added the activist, specifying that the murder took place around 5 a.m., and that the Algerian coast guards fired “like crazy”.




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