Algeria has no chance of organizing CAN 2025

Algeria has no chance of organizing CAN 2025

Algeria has applied for the organization of CAN 2027, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has just revealed. Aware of the weakness of its record for the African Cup of Nations (CAN) 2025, the Algerian regime has also applied for the next competition.

After having multiplied the meetings of the executive committee of the CAF to try to pass its file of force, and after having stirred up its media to make believe that Algeria would be favorites in the same way as Morocco to give false hopes to the public opinion, the Algerian regime has shifted into second gear by now preparing the Algerians for the scenario of “defeat” before Morocco.

For several months, Algeria has been lobbying the Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) responsible for announcing the name of the host country of CAN 2025. The announcement was expected in February, then in March, before it is postponed to a later date, the committee giving itself time until September.

Through the media in the pay of the Algerian state and the main representative of Algeria on the Qatari channel Bein Sport, the commentator Hafid Derraji (who is trying to buy a golden retirement back in his native country by caressing the generals in the sense of the hair), attacked Morocco several times, pretending to be “Madame Irma” thus predicting that the CAN “will be stolen from Algeria for the benefit of Morocco”.

Except that we learn, Thursday, by the African Football Confederation (CAN) that Algeria has submitted another file to organize the CAN of 2027. If that should mean only one thing, it is that the ‘Algeria is fully aware that its file does not hold water and will not allow it to win the CAN 2025 against the Moroccan file, fairly.

Moreover, how can we consider granting CAN 2025 to Algeria, when this country is increasing mistrust, violations of the rules and statutes of the Confederation of African Football? Its political conflict with Morocco, a country with which Algeria has severed diplomatic relations and closed its airspace, does not allow Moroccan national teams to make a direct flight. During the last CHAN, the Morocco team, double defending champion, was prevented from participating in the competition because of Algeria, without effective sanctions from CAF.

In addition, abusive seizures of equipment from Moroccan clubs and players were carried out by the Algerian airport authorities, not to mention the ban on entry into Algerian soil for Moroccan sports journalists who punctuated the latest football competitions organized by Algeria. .

Should we also recall the attacks suffered by the Moroccan national U17 football team in the final of the Arab Cup, the perpetrators of which are none other than the Algerian players who, moreover, won the final and therefore had no reason to provoke Moroccan players.

Finally, the corruption scandal of Nelson Mandela’s grandson at CHAN 2022 invited by Algeria, paid 100,000 dollars to make a political speech undermining the territorial integrity of Morocco. Moreover, the racist songs and insults of the Algerian public treating Moroccans as monkeys, explains the extent of the hatred of Algeria dedicated to Morocco, and its inability to organize sporting events.

All these things should, in principle, contribute to severely sanctioning the Algerian State and the Algerian Football Federation which go beyond all the codes and values ​​of sport to serve their agenda of hatred in Africa. Algeria should no longer have the right to organize sporting events, whatever they are, as long as it does not manage to respect the invited nations, without distinction.


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