Algeria expels 500 Tuaregs to Niger including its own citizens

Algeria expels 500 Tuaregs to Niger including its own citizens

Algeria embarked on an unprecedented ethnic cleansing operation by driving more than 500 people, from a Tuareg community of In Guezzam at night in the middle of the desert, in a place called “Point-Zéro” which marks the border with Niger.

Between January and the end of March 2023, the Algerian authorities abandoned more than 10.000 people in the desert there in a series of rigorous collective deportations. The military regime of the senile of Algiers therefore continues to expel hundreds of Tuaregs on the pretext that they are irregular migrants.

This half-thousand people displaced by the Algerian soldiers, the majority of whom claim to be “from Algeria”have arrived between Saturday and Sunday at the Assamaka police station (Arlit/Niger). Malian families about 150 people are part of the lot. They are Malians from the Dawasak tribe who had found refuge in Algeria.

Most of the manu-militari deportees have reached the village of Assamaka, in the Agadez region in northwestern Niger. Others had to go to one of the three transit centers dedicated to receiving people expelled from Algeria on the Assamaka – Arlit – Agadez axis, which are overcrowded and are all overwhelmed by successive waves of deportations.

The deportees from Algeria will wait in Assamaka for weeks or even months before being repatriated to their country of origin by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which controls these camps. For the latter, those who call themselves Algerians will probably be an impossible riddle to solve.

This information was confirmed on Monday by the Liberation Movement of Southern Algeria (MLSA), which denounces physical violence and rape of minors perpetrated by the Algerian authorities. Last May, 16 elements of the Algerian occupation army had perished under the bullets of this Movement, the MLSA, an entity which claims the creation of a Tuareg State in the Algerian Sahara.

The Algerian power is currently grappling with a secessionist danger which is growing more and more in (Adrar and Hoggar) southern Algeria in the region of Tamanrasset. In fact, for some time, we have regularly witnessed deadly clashes between Tuareg rebels and the Algerian army. In this first half of June 2023, more than 180 separatists were arrested. The Algerian authorities are busy deporting hundreds of Tuaregs (all nationalities combined), claiming that they are irregular migrants.

These operations of reprisals against the Tuareg families who are an integral part of an ethnic cleansing characterized, wanted and ordered by the regime of the senile of Algiers, even if it means denying their own fellow citizens, are not fortuitous.

That said, the world is witnessing the cracking of the Algerian “empire” which is gradually disintegrating to the south, north and east. So much so that the general in childbirth no longer knows where to turn, concentrating in this on the cardinal point and, oh, the less perilous paradox for him, the West.

Algeria is well and truly on the way to balkanization with the Tuareg rebels who took up arms to defend their lands and Kabylia which peacefully claims its independence. A constant concern from which the two senile Muppets show made in Algeria unfortunately cannot free themselves.

In the meantime, all the actors who surround them and who caress in the hair direction, continue their murderous enterprise and tireless repression without fear and without reproach towards the Tuareg populations of Algeria.


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