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Algeria and the Polisario nailed to the pillory of duplicity

The personal envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Staffan de Mistura will report on the progress or otherwise of the Sahara dossier in his half-yearly presentation later this month on the Moroccan Sahara conflict before the Security Council.

The challenge for Staffan de Mistura, who announced at the beginning of April that he had completed his bilateral talks with the parties involved in the Sahara issue, is to get the parties involved to sit down at the negotiating table. Which apparently is not yet the case. Indeed, the special envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations in the Sahara did not succeed in moving the file forward towards a solution acceptable to the parties involved, nor in forcing Algeria to sit down at the negotiating table alongside the Polisario and Mauritania.

This briefing, the first of its kind for Staffan de Mistura, comes at a time when the Polisario continues to publish “announcements of an imaginary war”, the number of which is close to a thousand. However, it is known to all that the Polisario militias are no longer able to approach the defensive wall.

On this subject, for Hicham Mouatadid, political scientist and adviser-researcher in business and international relations, declared that the leadership of the Polisario is trying, as usual, through many misleading steps to camouflage its policy in order to mislead member states of the Security Council with biased messages comprising a set of fabricated false allegations in order to win the sympathy of the international community.

Mouatadid added, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews, that the solidity of the Moroccan file has always pushed the Polisario to such classic patterns (false allegations, false scandals attributed to the Kingdom, and other tendentious exaggerations), as soon as the briefing approaches. annually at Security Council level. The separatist movement acts in this way in order to preserve a freedom of criminal maneuver, endeavors to put an end to the settlement of a file which nevertheless complies, with historical facts, in order to maintain the dispute invented from scratch by Algeria, in the hope that benefits them both.

The political scientist pointed out that “thehe leadership of the polisario always tries to push the United Nations to prolong the political management of the file by presenting obstacles and creating false circumstances based on its ideological orientations, far from the ethics of the management of international conflicts, in an effort to prolong this conflict in the service of foreign agendas and personal accounts “.

The United Nations demanded from the Polisario to take measures, including those of “a real and responsible involvement in the search for a definitive and legitimate solution which respects the ethics of the international community in the management of conflicts and the historical reference .

The political maneuvers of the Polisario leadership are only maneuvers to try to prolong this artificial conflict “. He further explained that the Polisario will come under significant international pressure to account for the crimes deliberately committed by its military components, and other numerous groups affiliated with it, in certain areas east of the defensive wall.

Mouatadid concluded by emphasizing that the Polisario’s lack of a culture of dialogue and its preference for a criminal rather than a diplomatic approach, ” will encourage the Security Council to demand that the separatist movement adhere to the recommendations of the United Nations and move away from the culture of armed groups and terrorist ideology in order to advance the settlement process so that it achieves the objectives set by the international community and the preservation of the historic legitimacy of a fabricated conflict “.



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