Al Akhawayn University Receives Prestigious US NECHE Accreditation for the Second Time

Al Akhawayn University Receives Prestigious US NECHE Accreditation for the Second Time

The Board of Directors of Al Akhawayn University was held last week in Rabat within Bank Al Maghrib, under the chairmanship of the Chancellor of the University, Abdellatif Jouahri.

At the end of this meeting, the President of Al Akhawayn, Dr Amine Bensaid announced that the University has officially obtained its second accreditation from the American accreditation body for university institutions NECHE (New England Commission for Higher Education). for a period of 10 years, the maximum possible duration, indicates a press release from Al Akhawayn University.

This distinction denotes the confidence placed by NECHE in Al Akhawayn for its compliance with the 9 standards established by NECHE, namely: mission and objectives, planning and evaluation, organization and governance, academic curriculum, students, teaching-learning system and scientific research, resources institutional, educational effectiveness, as well as integrity, transparency and public information.

Note that NECHE is one of the most prestigious accrediting agencies in the United States, accrediting many renowned universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Brown and other world-class institutions. Obtaining NECHE re-accreditation for the maximum possible period of 10 years is thus a major achievement for Al Akhawayn University, but also a source of pride for our country. Al Akhawayn is indeed the only African university accredited by NECHE, and the only non-American university in Africa with American institutional accreditation. Al Akhawayn is one of only 11 NECHE-accredited universities outside the United States.

This accreditation strengthens the university’s position vis-à-vis the world of higher education and the American institutional ecosystem, confirming that the institution and the offer of Al Akhawayn University respect exactly the same standards as the best American universities, whose tuition fees are typically between 4 and 5 times higher than those of Al Akhawayn University. This accreditation also reinforces the new vision and strategic choices of the University, as well as its ability to deploy them in the service of young people of Generation-Z, and in the service of the Company, which is facing the major transformations of the 21st century. .

“We are proud to receive the trust of NECHE for the longest possible period for this organization recognized as one of the best guardians of the temple of university quality in the United States, thus enshrining the academic excellence of Al Akhawayn University. , the success of our students, the quality of the experience we provide, and the contribution we make to the personal transformation they choose to lead during one of the most precious phases of their lives,” said Dr. Amine Bensaid, President of Al Akhawayn University. “This re-accreditation demonstrates the dedication and commitment of our faculty, administrative staff and students to achieving the highest standards of excellence,” he added.

As a reminder, the President of Al Akhawayn University is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Independent Colleges, an American council of some 700 universities focused primarily on the development of the human dimension of the student, whatever his specialty. This testifies to the DNA of Al Akhawayn University and its model serving holistically the success and well-being of the student, and it testifies to the integration and the high regard that Al Akhawayn University enjoys among her American counterparts.


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