Akhannouch urges teacher return to classrooms, Ouahbi blames unions 

Akhannouch urges teacher return to classrooms, Ouahbi blames unions 

Responding to mounting challenges in the education sector due to the Fundamental System, head of government Aziz Akhennouch has called on teachers to return to their classrooms during a meeting convened at a Rabat hotel on Monday.  

Akhannouch said that the government is receptive to teachers’ demands, pledging personal involvement in the dialogue over the fundamental system. 

The head of government announced his intention to chair the inaugural meeting of a committee which includes Minister of Education Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of Economy Younes Sekkouri, and Minister of Budget Faouzi Lekjaa along with the unions. Akhennouch also promised to closely oversee subsequent sessions until practical resolutions are achieved.

Akhannouch emphasized the imperative for students to resume studies saying “I don’t believe teachers oppose the concept of a high-quality Moroccan school; perhaps there are reservations or concerns.” 

Akhannouch noted the significance of uninterrupted education in schools, citing this commitment as the driving force behind the government’s allocation of  20.000 positions annually to employing teachers..

“The government program includes the gradual increase of the net salaries for teachers to reach MAD 7500,” said Akhennouch. He clarified that this increase only applies to new teachers holding an educational qualification certificate from the Regional Centers for Education and Training.

Akhannouch defended Minister of Education Chakib Benmoussa, recognizing his significant efforts in steering education reform through consultations with unions. 

The head of government expressed confidence in the committee’s ability to address disagreements in the new Fundamental System, affirming its commitment to engaging in constructive dialogue with unions.

Abdellatif Ouahbi, Minister of Justice, blamed unions for the ongoing education protests and disruptions.. 

Ouahbi asserted that only 40,000 teachers participated in the Rabat demonstrations, contrasting them with the 280.000 educators willing to engage in dialogue. 

Ouahbi highlighted the unions’ responsibility in discussions with teachers, urging them to stay faithful stating that “no one should undermine the authority of the state.”

Addressing the government majority meeting, Ouahbi commended Minister of Education Shakib Benmoussa for his ongoing dialogue with unions, expressing the government’s unwavering support for Benmoussa.

Accusing the unions of “backtracking on the agreement signed with Benmoussa,” Ouahbi linked any resumption of dialogue with the return of teachers to classrooms.


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