Akhannouch urges Africa to trust its natural resources

Akhannouch urges Africa to trust its natural resources

The establishment of lasting and reliable partnerships is inscribed in the DNA of the Kingdom, said Tuesday in Marrakech, the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch. The head of government also urged Africa to trust its natural resources.

Speaking by videoconference at the opening of “Bloomberg New Economy Gateway Africa”, Akhannouch stressed that throughout its history, Morocco has played the role of bridge and “gateway” between Africa and Europe. , affirming, in this sense, that the establishment of lasting and reliable partnerships is inscribed in the DNA of the Kingdom.

In this regard, he highlighted Morocco’s geographical position, its energy assets and its infrastructures, which make the Kingdom an ideal partner, on a continental and global scale, in the reconstruction of current value chains.

“Under the impetus of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Kingdom has established itself as a strategic player in its regional environment”he argued, noting that the very first edition of this forum, held in Morocco, is not fortuitous and will highlight the considerable potential of Africa.

The Head of Government, in this sense, stressed that Africa, in view of its considerable natural resources and its talented and qualified young population, must trust itself and highlight its many assets to position itself on the value chains. world.

“And far from giving in to protectionism, it is in Africa where the African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAF), one of the largest free trade areas in the world, was born”added Akhannouch.

Addressing the reforms implemented by Morocco, the Head of Government affirmed that the Kingdom has thoroughly reformed its institutions in order to strengthen its democracy and the rule of law.

The Kingdom has built a diversified and solid economy, supported by visionary sectoral strategies, infrastructures with the best international standards and efficient industries, he said, adding that the Moroccan financial, agro-industrial, automotive, aeronautical, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and many others, are today a benchmark all over the world.

Similarly, Akhannouch highlighted the positioning of Morocco as the leading producer of renewable energies in Africa, and which is also positioned as a major player in the energy transition to come.

“Under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, Morocco is entering a new phase of its development”continued the Head of Government, noting that this is characterized by the construction of a Social State based on the generalization of social protection to the entire population, as well as on a profound reform of the education and sanitary.

He also recalled that the Kingdom has adopted an Investment Charter, aimed at the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors, which will support the expansion and involvement of the private sector, affirming, in this context, that Morocco, with the attractiveness of its business climate, is the subject of wide international recognition by several organizations and international rating agencies testifying to its resilience and its political, economic stability and social.

The work of the 1st African edition of the prestigious Bloomberg New Economy opened on Tuesday in Marrakech, under the theme “Gateway Africa”. This major economic forum is organized by the media group Bloomberg, leader in economic and financial information, in partnership with the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investments and Exports (AMDIE).

It will be an opportunity for participants to share their knowledge, forge strategic partnerships and consider common responses to the challenges facing the world at the economic, environmental and geopolitical levels.


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