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Akhannouch says he is proud of his government’s progress report

The president of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) held Saturday in Rabat, Aziz Akhannouch, delivered this Saturday a progress report of the government led by his party. THE achievements of the Executive since the beginning of the first mandate are honourable, he affirmed.

Speaking at the opening of the RNI National Council, Akhannouch believed that the members of the dove party should be proud of the achievements made and openly defend them, since the RNI succeeded in one year, to achieve what was not achieved in 10 years.

The RNIsts consider to be under contract with the Moroccans who trusted us, and they gave their trust to the majority“, noted Akhannouch, specifying that his formation feels responsible in front of the King and in front of the people.

We will continue on the same approach, because we still have four years ahead of us and more“, affirmed Akhannouch, adding: “ We are still at the start of the journey despite the many achievements we have achieved during the first year of our mandate.“.

The President of the RNI thus took the opportunity to recall that the government did not hesitate to redouble its efforts to implement its various commitments, by activating a set of measures that serve the interests of the Kingdom, and by including them in the 2023 finance law, “ which will be the real launch of the implementation of the government program”.

In this sense, Akhannouch listed the various achievements already made in the priority sectors, including social protection, education, health, investment, social dialogue and employment. He also mentioned the activation of the compulsory medical coverage project, the establishment of the bases of a new medical offer able to meet national needs, as well as the measures aimed at providing the sector with all the resources and incentives that will allow it to rise to the desired level, so as to guarantee quality of care and equitable access for all.

In the same vein, the boss of the RNI recalled the implementation of an ambitious roadmap for 2026 in order to upgrade public schools and the teaching profession. He also pointed out that the government was also able to revive the national labor market, which was suffering from the repercussions of the pandemic crisis, by lacing innovative programs such as Awrach and Forsa and by supporting the entrepreneurial vocation among young people.

Continuing on this momentum, Akhannouch also mentioned the achievements in terms of supporting the purchasing power of citizens to face the inflationary wave, the adoption of the new investment charter which aims to improve the business climate and the attractiveness of investments, the institutionalization of social dialogue and the strengthening of sectoral dialogues.

The various efforts of the government had to be oriented towards the achievement of the objectives set by the government program. It is no longer acceptable today that we waste time and cause our country to miss a real opportunity to evolve in order to achieve sustainable development.” , he said.

The leader of the RNI also recalled the support granted to transport and tourism professionals, among other sectors in difficulty, the implementation of the Investment Charter as well as the institution of a set of measures and incentives to encourage Moroccans around the world to invest in their country.

He also welcomed the “courageous position of the Moroccan Parliament which has decided to reconsider its relations with the European Parliament by subjecting them to a global reassessment in order to take firm and appropriate decisions, following the vote by the EP of a resolution which deeply undermines the positive achievements joint work over several decades”.

“Morocco, which has always remained strong, united and united, will maintain its leadership in the field of human rights, freedoms and democracy, as constitutional constants acclaimed by Moroccans under the enlightened leadership of the King” , he asserted.

In the same vein, the president of the RNI welcomed the achievements made by Moroccan diplomacy under the impetus of the Sovereign on the Sahara issue, which translates into a wave of international recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara and the opening of consulates by a group of friendly and brotherly countries in the southern provinces, as a result of the relevance of the Royal approach in the management of this file.



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