Akhannouch highlights the role of professional chambers

Akhannouch highlights the role of professional chambers

The Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, highlighted, Monday in Rabat, the importance of the role of professional chambers in the success of the major project of generalization of social protection, to which King Mohammed VI attaches particular attention.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas, during the inaugural session of the Parliamentary Forum of Professional Chambers placed under the theme “Professional chambers and the challenges of promoting investment”, Akhannouch recalled the royal orientals advocating the establishment of a new vision for the promotion of the role of professional chambers, which aims to associate them, according to their activities, in the development of plans and strategic choices, both at the national, regional, provincial and local level.

In this sense, he explained that the existence of professional chambers in Morocco is essential, through their consultative and representative roles in a set of public institutions, as well as their ability to formulate perspectives, studies and legislative proposals, in addition to their contribution to the creation of a business climate, noting, in this regard, that the government is well aware of the challenges facing investments in the Kingdom.

“The government has developed practical, realistic and effective solutions to face the various challenges, in accordance with a coherent plan imbued with Royal directives and in line with the government program, in order to meet Morocco’s investment needs in the short, medium and long term”, he argued, noting the importance, at present, of reorienting public policies and developing a new system for the national economy resistant to hazards and at the origin of a more inclusive development, in which public investment will be , initially, the lever of private investment, to then make the latter the main driver of development.

The Head of Government also indicated that through the strengthening of public investment, the government aims to consolidate the foundations of the social State, by investing in human capital through the pursuit of efforts in terms of investment in the health sector, as well as the reform of public schools, adding that the budget allocated to these two sectors constitutes almost a third of the budget for the year 2023.

Aware of the leverage role that public investment can play in favor of private investment, the government aims to adapt the State’s investment policy with institutional, economic, social, environmental and technological transformations, in addition to reversing the current distribution of the investment effort so that private investment, which constitutes only one third of total investment, reaches two thirds by 2035, he argued.

Akhannouch also specified that the government ensured the activation of the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment, in order to consolidate the position of the Kingdom as a privileged destination for investments at the regional and international level, continuing that a set of procedures and measures have been taken for the success of this project, hence the establishment of a new vision of the action of the Fund through the identification of priority areas of intervention and the allocation of 45 billion dirhams for the financing of its activities.

After recalling the royal speech at the opening of the current parliamentary session, Akhannouch affirmed that the government has shown audacity and efficiency in the realization of the new Investment Charter, and this only nine months after its installation, according to a participatory and convergence approach, with all the components of the government and the economic actors, and “in the spirit of the supreme interest of the country, far from the logic of the majority and the opposition”.

In addition, the government is working on the development of a new roadmap for the improvement of the business climate, in coordination with all the actors of the public and private sectors by 2026, he said, specifying that this roadmap will include a new generation of reforms related to the simplification and digitalization of administrative procedures, the improvement of access to land and industrial zones, the development of new financing tools, and the improvement of access to public orders.

This forum aims to strengthen the efforts made by the Chamber of Councilors to engage in public debate around major societal issues, in particular those related to its constitutional missions, its powers and its composition.

This event is also part of the support by this institution of structural reforms and projects, launched by King Mohammed VI in several areas, and the implementation of the High Royal Guidelines for a new vision of the role of professional chambers.


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