Akhannouch calls on ministers to show greater commitment during Government Council meeting

Akhannouch calls on ministers to show greater commitment during Government Council meeting

Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch chaired the weekly government council today, the first after government members’ holiday leave.

The Head of the Executive renewed, on his own behalf and on behalf of the ministers, his sincere congratulations to King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People and the commemoration of Youth Day.

Opening the proceedings of the Council of Government, the Head of the Executive recalled the “noble royal directives mentioned in the Speech from the Throne, which we consider as a compass for our governmental action, as manifested in the circular relating to the elaboration of the budget for the year 2024, which reflected the serious guidelines of the government in the implementation of the royal directives.”

“The government has worked since its inception in an international context characterized by a series of crises and geopolitical escalations. However, under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed VI, the Kingdom has succeeded in coping with these pressures and managing complex crises by mitigating their repercussions and reducing their direct impact on the national economy and citizens’ standard of living”, said Akhannouch.

During 2024, Akhannouch pledged that his government would continue to work to strengthen measures to cope with cyclical effects, consolidate the foundations of the social state and pursue the implementation of structural reforms, while reinforcing the sustainability of public finances.

In this respect, he reiterated his call to ministers to give priority to programming projects in accordance with royal instructions and agreements reached in the presence of King Mohammed VI.

With regard to the implementation of major reforms, Akhannouch stressed that the government is committed to implementing ambitious policies in priority social sectors such as education, health and employment, in line with royal instructions.

“In this new political era, we are faced with important issues and worksites, including reinforcing food and water sovereignty, attracting investment to create job opportunities, promoting the “Green Morocco” initiative in the field of green hydrogen, and adopting a new approach to directly support families wishing to acquire their main home, as well as continuing the royal workshops for social protection.”

With regard to these workshops and in line with the royal agenda, the government will work to launch the social compensation program before the end of this year, using the unified social register as the most effective mechanism for targeting poor and needy families, announced Akhannouch.

The head of the Executive invited the various ministerial sectors and government entities to redouble their efforts to implement the various public policies to which the government is committed.

“Ladies and Gentlemen Ministers, appreciating your total commitment to implementing the various royal directives and the government program over the past two years, the first fruits of which are already visible on the ground, I call on you to step up the pace of work and demonstrate efficiency in implementing the various projects programmed over the coming years, in order to live up to the responsibility entrusted to us by the King, and in response to the confidence of Moroccans,” concluded Akhannouch.


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