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Akhannouch announces the integration of Amazigh in public administrations

As part of the promotion of the Amazigh language, the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform organized, this Tuesday, January 10 in Khemisset, the official ceremony to launch the procedures of the integrated character activation scheme. official of Amazigh in public institutions.

During the ceremony organized in partnership with the Presidency of the Government and the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture comes at the end of the high royal orientations, the Ministry of Digital Transition presented its action program relating to the integration of the Amazigh language in public administrations, which includes a set of measures and procedures that will promote its use and facilitate the access of people who speak the language to public services.

That said, the most important projects implemented by the ministry can be summed up in a first project aimed at providing the various public administrations with reception agents in each of the three diversifications “Tarifit, Tachelhit, Tamazight” to guide and instruct citizens. Amazigh language users, a second project to integrate the Amazigh language into the signage and signs of the various public administrations.

In addition, there is in particular a project to make available agents responsible for telephone communication in the Amazigh language in the call centers of the ministerial sectors and public establishments and a project to insert the Amazigh language into the various websites of the public administrations.

In his speech, the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, stressed that the official recognition of the Amazigh language is the fruit of the royal will which has made it possible to make great progress over the past twenty years. This historic turning point began with the Ajdir speech delivered by the King in 2001.

Akhannouch thus recalled that in 2019, the regulatory law was adopted defining the stages of activation of the official character of Amazigh and the mechanisms of its integration in education and in various aspects of life, after 8 years of conservative stagnation. This law strongly and firmly confirms the status of the Amazigh language and its contribution to the multi-tributary Moroccan identity.

Today, thanks to the efforts of the current government, we are witnessing demonstrations of the sustainability of the activation of the official character of Amazigh as stipulated in the 2011 constitution, in line with the proactive vision of His Majesty“, he added.

The head of government then announced that the government has allocated a financial envelope of approximately 200 million dirhams for the year 2022, and programmed 300 million dirhams for the finance law for the year 2023, on condition that it will be gradually raised over the next few years to reach 1 billion dirhams in the year 2025. He noted that this made it possible to launch the application of the roadmap for the activation of this workshop, which includes 25 procedures in areas related to public administration and services, education, justice, culture and audiovisual media.

And while we are proud to activate the Amazigh workshops through these measures, we continue our diligence within the government in partnership with the various actors, because the recognition of the Amazigh language cannot be limited to cultural and linguistic rights alone, but must also extend to a delay in social and economic development», welcomed Akhannouch.

In addition, the Minister of Digital Transition, Ghita Mezzour, explained in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews that “one of the most important projects is that today there are 460 auxiliaries in all regions of the Kingdom who speak the three dialectswhich will facilitate communication with the citizens concerned and allowto help and guide them in their language to facilitate their access to public services, in particular administrative and health services“.

It also has 60 auxiliaries in public administration call centers to give citizens the information they need. These projects are already executed», Continues the Minister, specifying that her department «has signed four agreements with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, in the field of orientation and communication, and also with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication , in order to promote Amazigh culture and identity, and another with the Ministry of National Education, whose main goal is to develop an Amazigh application to help Moroccans and Moroccans living abroad learn the language“.



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