Akhannouch announces new tax exemptions

Akhannouch announces new tax exemptions

The Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, announced on Thursday a new approach aimed at cutting the road, at the source, to attempts at speculation and price increases, whether for agricultural materials or agri-food products. This approach, he said, is based on exempting these products from value added tax (VAT).

During its weekly meeting, the government thus examined a draft decree, aimed at protecting the national market, ensuring a good supply of raw materials, and dealing with fluctuations in the prices of agricultural products resulting from the lack of rainfall and the difficulties experienced. in supply at the global level, explained the spokesperson for the Executive, Mustafa Baitas, at the end of the Council.

The VAT exemption will concern phytosanitary products and plant and animal reproduction equipment imported and intended exclusively for agricultural use, as well as other equipment intended exclusively for agricultural use, he said.

Sugar beet cultivation also suffers from a range of problems, Akhannouch further noted, noting that the government has decided to allocate additional subsidies to farmers in order to improve yields and secure local supply of sugar beet. this product.

THE “social government”, he argued, is keen to implement a set of measures, whether they have a short, medium or long-term impact, according to an integrated participatory approach that reflects the spirit in which the executive carries out its actions , based on the royal instructions and the recommendations of the development model.

Through a set of interventions, the government aims to rebalance the production chains, and to develop agricultural research, as a mechanism that provides innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of climatic fluctuations and drought, a he said again.

And to add in this sense: “During the meetings held last week with various professionals of the agricultural sector, I confirmed the increase in agricultural prices, mainly due to the cycle of drought that our country is experiencing and the high prices of inputs imported agricultural products, in particular live animals and plant propagation and protection products”.

In this regard, he welcomed the involvement of all professionals in order to ensure the permanent supply of the national market with agricultural products and to ensure the balance of production sectors in order to guarantee an abundance of products and mitigate the effects of rising prices on citizens’ purchasing power.


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