Ait Taleb continues consultations with the private sector

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb, held, on Tuesday in Rabat, a meeting with the National Union College of Private Medical Specialists (CSNMSP) and the National Union of General Medicine (SNMG) as part of a new round of social dialogue for optimal implementation of the royal health system reform project.

In a statement to the press at the end of this meeting, Ait Taleb indicated that this meeting takes place in the continuity of the social dialogue with the private sector around the draft framework law relating to the national health system, approved during the Council ministers that King Mohammed VI chaired on July 13.

The ministry is aware of the constraints and challenges facing the sector, he said, adding that “all the components of the health system are converging towards a single vision initiated with coherence and synergy of actions on the ground. “.

Ait Taleb, in this regard, highlighted the importance of general practitioners for the health system and the role of medical specialists in pooling resources between the public and the private sector.

“All these actions will be in accordance with the regional union map which will express the different needs according to each territory.“, he said, adding that the main thing is that the national health system is at the service of the Moroccan citizen and lives up to his expectations.

For his part, the president of the CSNMSP, Said Afif, indicated that this project will be likely to restructure the health sector, in particular by filling the gap in terms of human resources.

The Trade Union College will be seriously committed to the success of this project which concerns the health of Moroccans, he assured, noting that the union is ready, within the framework of the public-private partnership, to cooperate to guarantee health services. equal and quality health to all Moroccans. The president of SNMG, Tayeb Hamdi, meanwhile, affirmed the full commitment of general practitioners in the private sector for the success of this project to overhaul the national health system.

Doctors, he pointed out, made proposals based on the policy of proximity in the health sector and the attention paid to family medicine, disease prevention and governance, while taking into account of the growing interest in the private sector, emphasizing that this project places the health of Moroccan citizens at the heart of its concerns.

Ait Taleb held meetings on Monday with the National Association of Private Clinics (ANCP) and the National Union of Liberal Sector Physicians (SNMSL) as part of social dialogue for a successful implementation of the royal reform project. of the health system.



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