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Aimee Cutrona takes up her position as Charge d’Affaires at the United States Embassy in Morocco

Aimee Cutrona, a career diplomat in the U.S. Senior Foreign Service, assumed her duties as Chargé d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Morocco today following the departure of the former Chargé d’Affaires. ‘David Greene business in July.

Before arriving in Rabat, Aimee Cutrona held the position of Assistant Secretary of State for Levant Affairs, and long before thatthe position of Director of the Bureau of Levant Affairs at the Department of State, and Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy in Bahrain from 2016 to 2019.

Ms. Cutrona began her diplomatic career in 1999, first in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, then in El Salvador, Qatar and Egypt; she also held several responsibilities in Washington DC

Ms. Cutrona is a graduate of Smith College, and holds a Masters in International Relations and Conflict Management from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.




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