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AI and analytics are accelerating the digital transformation of the economic sector

How artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics are accelerating the digital transformation of the economic sector in Morocco was the focus of a day organized in Casablanca, at the initiative of SAS, the world leader in analytics.

SAS recently organized this exclusive day for key players, experts and decision makers from Moroccan companies, the world leader said in a statement, adding that the event focused on how technology, analytics and AI can support the economic sector in Morocco and why they play a vital role in defining its future. Economic market turmoil, recession fears, global geopolitical tensions, rising cyber threats and escalating climate crisis demand immediate action from organizations of all kinds to maintain its current positive trajectory. , reports the same source.

In this unpredictable environment, SAS experts spoke to illustrate how analytics and artificial intelligence can become the industry’s most valuable allies. They outlined the necessary strategies for success and shared valuable insights into the digital transformation journey of leading financial institutions that have pioneered the adoption of AI. Zafir Junaid, Regional Director – Middle East and Africa Emerging Markets at SAS said: “With rapidly accelerating digitalization, increasing cyber threats, economic fragmentation and pervasive economic and social inequalities, the economic sector is facing at a decisive moment. The decisions their leaders make today will redefine the industry as a whole.”

And to add that “by adopting technology and innovation, economic operators can pave the way for an appropriate evolution for this sector. With SAS breakthroughs in data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence and intelligent decision-making, we can help the economic services industry thrive in this changing landscape.” Through the organization of this roundtable, whose debate was engaging and the presentation and discussion sessions enriching, SAS highlighted the potential of AI and analytics to meet the challenges of the sector.

In order to meet a wide range of strategic business demands and ensure success in the face of disruption, economic players must embrace cutting-edge technology, including analytics, AI, and the cloud. In the area of ​​risk management, rapid, data-driven decision-making is needed to respond to market volatility. Additionally, embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques can help the Moroccan economic sector identify fraudulent transactions in real time, allowing them to stay ahead of changing fraud patterns. Likewise, they can apply AI to streaming customer data to automate customer experience decisions at scale and enable personalized customer service.

“SAS supports dozens of Moroccan economic institutions and as many in the French-speaking African region with advanced solutions in areas such as fraud management, anti-money laundering, risk management and analytics since the early 2000s. We continue to be strong, thanks to our local operational team and our local partners who act as an extension of our business”, noted for his part, Khalid Benlyazid El Hassani, Country Manager Morocco at SAS. “We firmly believe that better financial operations start with better information. Thus, our sophisticated suite of solutions can help organizations in all aspects of business services make optimal decisions based on trusted data, unlock the immense potential of AI, and digitally transform with speed and agility,” he confirmed.

SAS underlined its commitment to putting digital transformation at the service of economic actors in Morocco, with the aim of preparing a better and more sustainable future for the country but also for the region. SAS embeds artificial intelligence capabilities such as machine learning and computer vision into its software, to provide even the smallest businesses with world-class power and speed to drive growth, drive sustainable digital transformation, to reinvent their industries and accelerate innovation. SAS solutions are available to everyone from beginners to experts and can be deployed in a variety of ways, including on-premises, private hosted cloud, public or community cloud, and software as a service.



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