Ahmed wanted to celebrate Eid in Morocco he takes for 3 years of imprisonment

Ahmed wanted to celebrate Eid in Morocco he takes for 3 years of imprisonment

He wanted to spend the Eid Al Adha holidays in Morocco, he finds himself in prison for three years, condemned by the Tmagistrate of Perpignan. Ahmad had been arrested in a rental car, at the exit of the Boulou toll in the Pyrénées-Orientales by the Border Police (Paf) with 300 kilos of cannabis on June 23, last.

The agents had got hold of a dozen “Moroccan suitcases” and canvas bags containing the drugs. With this “merchandise” difficult to sneak under these conditions. Indeed, the bales cluttered the passenger compartment of the Seat and the smell that the latter gave off was not all holiness. Caught in the act Ahmed did not deny his responsibility for this transport and said he was only a mule.

The defendant indicated that he had been forced to act at the request of a sponsor, I was unlucky, it was the first time I did this “, he told the Court.I wanted to clear my debts and go spend Eid in Morocco with my partner and my children. And then they threatened me to accept the contract”.

But in reality Ahmed, this was not his first. The defendant had been intercepted in 2010 in Algeciras with 68 kg of cannabis and in 2018 with 60 kg. Lately, according to the newspaper “L’indépendant” which reports the fact, he had multiplied trips between Belgium, Spain and Italy and France. “Between May 24 and June 23, you made 10 trips between Spain and Italy with strange detours, as if you were going to pick up or deliver something,” remarked the president.

But Ahmed has the answer to everything: “I look for vehicles that customers order from me. I can’t work, I have a knee problem. Neither does my partner, she is diabetic. We collect social minima. She still lives in Morocco, I would like her to come to Belgium. Indeed, Ahmed has been living in the Flat country since he left Iraq at the age of 18 to settle there. It was there that a sponsor knowing his financial problems offered him €5,000 to go to Barcelona and bring the drugs back to Lyon.

The prosecutor remains pragmatic: “300 kg! For such a quantity, you need real logistics and you don’t entrust it to a stranger. » It requires 3 years firm. The court follows her in her submissions to the great displeasure of Ahmed and his defense. In the meantime, the defendant did not celebrate Eid in Morocco, he will have to wait another three years before he can possibly “slit the throat” of the sheep with his family. For this, he must first sacrifice the mule.


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