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After the water, it’s the turn of the milk

After the price increase operated by the actors of the bottles of water on some of their range, it is the turn of the milk companies to follow the step. Indeed, Jaouda’s UHT milk, Copag Group, has increased the price of its UHT milk from 90 cents to 1.60 DH per litre, starting Wednesday, June 1.

In an internal memo intended for commercial directors and agency managers, the Jaouda-Copag Laiterie Commercial Department informed officials that it had been decided to change the prices of UHT milk, and this, from June 1, 2022, thus asking the sales managers and their sales teams to do everything possible for the success of this increase operation.

Thus, it is indicated in the note of which MoroccoLatestNews UK holds a copy, that the price of whole UHT milk 1 liter has gone from 8.40 dh to 9.30 dh (+ 90 cents), while semi-skimmed UHT milk 1 L has gone from 8.90 to 10.50 (+ 1.60 DH), as well as Linea 0% UHT milk.

As for whole UHT milk 1/2 L, it experienced an increase of 50 cents, going from 4.60 dh to 5.10 dh, while semi-skimmed milk 1/2 liter underwent an increase of only 30 cents , going from 5.20 dh to 5.50 dh. Jaouda 500 Ml growing-up milk has seen an increase of 50 cents, from 6 dh to 6.50 dh.

This price increase occurs in a global context marked by the general increase in the price of transport and materials.

During the rise in the price of water bottles in Morocco, operated on May 26, the groups concerned, in particular Ain Saiss, entrusted to MoroccoLatestNews UK that since 2021, the cost of plastic, which is the main raw material of their industry, has increased by +65 to 70%.

In addition, the global surge in oil prices, and therefore diesel, has caused the cost of transport to soar among all suppliers, impacting the cost of supply, not to mention the explosion in the cost of distributing merchandise across the kingdom.

Several factors that today, companies and businesses in general, increase the prices of their products and services, while the salaries of citizens do not move. The latter have been largely impacted over the past two years by the pandemic, which has caused the work stoppage of thousands of people in addition to the soaring prices of several basic necessities.

A situation accentuated by the war in Ukraine and which is not about to end, according to analysts and observers who believe that the government must provide more solutions to limit the damage and settle the many social problems caused by the crisis.




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