After the announcement of the postponement by Morocco, the United States and Israel want a date

After the announcement of the postponement by Morocco, the United States and Israel want a date

Israeli foreign ministersEli Cohen, and American, Anthony Blinken, brought up the issue of the Negev Forum in a conversation. They called for setting a new date for its organization in Morocco.

The second edition of the Negev Forum has still not found a precise date because of several elements including unavailability of the agenda, but above all because of the context of tensions between Israelis and Palestinians which does not allow the organization of this mass of “peace” in a completely different conjuncture.

“I spoke with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken this evening. We discussed expanding the Abraham Accords and setting a date for the Negev Forum,” wrote the Israeli foreign minister on Twitter.

Eli Cohen also added that discussions are underway for new countries to participate and join what he called a “circle of peace”.

However, the events that have taken place between Israelis and Palestinians in recent months have negatively impacted this promise and commitment to peace on the part of Tel Aviv. Among these events are violence, attacks on Muslim places of worship and the expansion of illegal settlements on Palestinian territory.

Since being sworn in before the Knesset at the end of December, the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu has approved the construction of 13,000 settlement units in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as well as authorized the construction of numerous Israeli settlements illegal on Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

Morocco confirmed this through a statement by the head of diplomacy on Friday at a joint press conference in the presence of its Swiss counterpart. Nasser Bourita said that “the Negev Forum carries an idea of ​​cooperation and dialogue, contrary to all that is provocative action, unilateral action, or even decision taken by radicals on both sides, but especially on the Israeli side, in relation to Arab territories busy”.

“The Kingdom considers the Negev Forum as an ultimate and relevant framework for regional cooperation and dialogue, which can provide positive responses to several challenges”added the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Nasser Bourita continued by explaining that there were attempts to organize this Forum during the summer (the presumed date was July, editor’s note) but problems with the agenda and dates prevented it from being held.

However, he gave an indication of the meeting, saying that Morocco is ready to host this Forum at the start of the school year, either in September or in October.

The Moroccan minister was pragmatic in emphasizing that this meeting must produce results and that it needs conditions for them to happen, particularly with regard to support for security and peace in the region.

Among the countries participating in this Forum are the United States, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco.


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