After Derraji it’s Lakhdar Berriche’s turn to tackle Morocco

After Derraji it’s Lakhdar Berriche’s turn to tackle Morocco

And on to the next! said Brel. A former Algerian journalist-presenter of the Qatari channel Bein Sports, has just unleashed his venom and revealed his deep jealousy for Morocco. According to him, the Atlas Lions would have arrived in the World Cup with a “backstage game” and Algeria could have gone even “further” in this competition.

Once is not custom, the “professionals” of the media of Algerian nationality do not manage to contain their hatred towards Morocco. If Hafid Derraji is known for his positions hostile to the Kingdom without the management of the Qatari channel taking sanctions against him, another Algerian “journalist” of the channel waited for his retirement and his return to the fold to show his jealousy towards Morocco.

Lakhdar Berriche, who officiated at BeinSports and presented the program Sada Al Mala’ib, was to appear on the Algerian channel Echourouk to talk about his career. Except that he forgot the theme of the meeting to launch into a monologue against the Kingdom, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) and the Atlas Lions, wanting to “minimize” the course of Morocco in World Cup, claiming (??) that his country would be much better.

The acrimonious “journalist” and like any self-respecting Algerian cantor of the conspiracy theory, argued that his country’s national team was the victim of a plot which would have prevented it from playing in the final stages of Qatar 2022.

“I still don’t understand how Cameroon qualified for the World Cup”he said obviously wanting to devalue the Cameroonian team which beat the Fennecs and prevented them from going to the World Cup.

But it is especially against Morocco that the criticisms and attacks have been the most violent when they did not play in the same group. According to him, Morocco would have resorted to “behind the scenes maneuvers” to qualify for the World Cup.

“In Africa, behind-the-scenes maneuvering is common. I do not reveal any secrets by saying that all the selections use these stratagems, Algeria included ”, he said, admitting that his country is using unconventional schemes that clearly have not borne fruit. ” Our neighbors (speaking of Morocco, editor’s note) arrived at the World Cup thanks to this method”he added, accusing Morocco of playing the same dirty game as Algeria by its own admission.

His jealousy goes further by obviously wanting to denigrate Morocco and the Moroccan national team which managed the feat of going to the semi-finals of the World Cup, thus beating the very first country in Africa to go so far. in this competition.

“We could have gone very far. We were in possession of all the resources to reach a more advanced stage than that achieved by Morocco (…) but there was an intervention…”, he ended up letting go showing the extent of his jealousy and hatred that his country was eliminated at the World Cup play-offs.

For him, this elimination while Morocco qualified was “a tragedy”. He thus affirms with certainty that the Fennecs were “able to advance to the World Cup final” while the Algerian national team never managed to pass the first round of the competition.


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