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After 40 years of absence, Morocco will participate in Miss Universe in Israel

It’s a historic comeback. The official nationwide Miss Universe pageant website announced Morocco’s participation in the 70th Miss Universe pageant, which is being held this year in Israel, after decades of absence for the Kingdom.

“The Kingdom of Morocco is back with grace. A young Moroccan woman will be elected ambassador to represent Morocco at Miss Universe. An event that celebrates women from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to share their culture and their origins. This international competition allows participants to express their ideas and become role models for generations to come ”, wrote Miss Universe Morocco on her website.

The international competition will take place in the Israeli resort town of Haifa on December 12, with the participation of 75 competitors from different countries of the world.

Morocco had not attended the Miss Universe pageant for 4 decades, after its first entry into the pageant in 1957, where Miss Jacqueline Dorella represented the Kingdom at the event held in California and was won by Miss Peru, Gladys Zinder.

Before entering this prestigious competition, the selected Miss will have to win the crown in a national competition, “Who honors Moroccan women for their beauty and intelligence”, according to the same source. The last participation of Morocco in an international beauty contest was that of Majida Tazi, named Miss Morocco in 1978.

The winner of Miss Universe Morocco will be the official ambassador representing not only her country and her people, but also an ambassador of beauty and peace, demonstrating qualities of trust, tenderness, dedication, work ethic, generosity, and above all, international sensitivity.




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