African Lion 2023: FAR and the US Army simulate the threat-NRBCE exercise

African Lion 2023: FAR and the US Army simulate the threat-NRBCE exercise

In the presence of Moroccan and American military officers, the main headquarters of the Southern Region Command in Agadir was transformed into this Thursday, a scene of simulation of intervention operations against the threat of weapons of mass destruction..

The exercise took place on a football field at the South Zone General Staff headquarters and aimed in particular to assess the response and responsiveness capabilities of the Rescue and Rescue Unit of the Royal Armed Forces (USS -FAR) in the face of an NRBC (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical) attack, in close cooperation with American responders in the field of Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical and Explosive (NRBCE) response.

During this exercise, the FAR’s USS Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Disposal team carried out a preliminary reconnaissance using robots and sophisticated equipment to locate the improvised explosive device safely and accurately.

This operation is part of the combined Moroccan-American exercise “African Lion 2023” which is being held in accordance with the High Instructions of the King, Supreme Leader and Chief of the General Staff of the FAR. Also in terms of disaster management, a summary exercise on the fight against weapons of mass destruction took place Thursday in Agadir, in order to assess the responsiveness of the USS-FAR to deal with a crisis situation. presenting CBRN risks.

The 19th session of the “African Lion 2023” maneuvers, it should be remembered, will continue until June 16. They are held in seven Moroccan regions, Agadir, Tan-Tan, Mehbes, Tiznit, Kenitra, Benguerir and Tifnit. African Lion remains an annual meeting which contributes to consolidating Moroccan-American military cooperation and also aims to strengthen the exchange between the armed forces of different countries with a view to promoting security and stability in the region.

That said, in Agadir through a field exercise and training, took place at the headquarters of the General Staff of the South Zone and a “helicopter” of the Royal Air Force FRA was used, for the medical evacuation of ’emergency. Joint work activities between Moroccan military units and their American counterparts took place to embody a first scenario of the exercise called A “Facing the threats of weapons of mass destruction”.

MoroccoLatestNews, which was present at the exercise as part of the Moroccan-American military cooperation on ” disaster management “, followed the different steps of the methods to face the many threats of NCBR nature.

This year’s exercise focused primarily on “conducting reconnaissance operations, isolating improvised weapons of mass destruction and radioactive delivery devices, and eliminating CBRN pollution.”

It also aimed to “further enhance the operational and tactical capabilities of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Company and the Royal Armed Forces Emergency and Rescue Unit Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team, to deal with to a crisis involving NRBCE risks”.

Common means were used in order to achieve the objectives represented by “the evaluation of the level of interoperability with the various actors on both sides in the field of the NRBCE response, as well as the coordination of the tests and the communication between the various stakeholders.

In this context, the procedures for the analysis, packaging and transport of chemical samples were not left out, as was the exercise “Developing procedures to counter improvised explosive devices” with “deployment and implementation of explosive ordnance disposal equipment (use of intervention suits, X-rays, robots, disruptive gun, etc.)”.

This training took place on “emergency medical rescue procedures, using a Royal Air Force military helicopter for explosive ordnance disposal interventions”.

The next step focused on “sorting the victims and regrouping them at the assembly point”. Then we have to accelerate the operations of “emergency cleaning of the victims, and emergency medical evacuation of the victims by air”. The exercise further included “transporting casualties to the full demining site and performing technical demining of explosive ordnance disposal interventions and technical and collective demining”.

The operational structures of the exercise against the threat of radiological weapons were divided into four cells, Logistics, Planning, Scientific and Operational. The intervention teams were organized into 5 teams with various tasks. It is “the team of reconnaissance, sampling, complete decontamination, technical decontamination and neutralization and detonation of explosive devices.

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