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African ambassadors support Morocco in the face of Friday’s migration onslaught

Senior officials within the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met on Sunday with the ambassadors of African countries accredited to Rabat to discuss the situation in Nador, where many sub-Saharan migrants have tried to enter from force in Melilla, in an operation described as “extremely violent” in Spain.

Moroccan and African diplomats met on Sunday for a look back at the events of Friday morning when more than 2,000 illegal migrants hiding in the woods and on the side of a mountain in Nador, launched an assault against the forces of order. Moroccans in order to illegally enter the enclave of Melilla.

For several hours, the migrants embarked on this very violent operation to enter Spanish territory at all costs. Some 200 Moroccan agents were injured trying to stop them.

The migrants, who acted as armed groups, were trained and organized, according to the Spanish police who had to manage a hundred migrants who managed to climb the barbed wire wall.

Armed with iron bars, sharp tools, and stones, the group of migrants had planned everything. They were also armed with sharp iron hook-like tools strapped to their wrists to help them scale the barbed wire wall, as well as a radio that allowed them to disable the closing of the electric gate, sources said. Spanish sources.

On Sunday, Moroccan diplomats exposed never-before-seen images and videos from Friday as well as the real figures of injuries and deaths, showing the extent of the violence suffered by Moroccan forces for several hours and who had to face more than 2,000 armed and violent men.

They explained that the deaths of the migrants were caused by the riots when they accessed the iron wall. Several of them fell, and were trampled on by other migrants.

The ambassadors of African countries accredited to Morocco were unanimous after this information meeting, expressing their support for the Moroccan authorities in the face of this event and welcoming the country’s migration policy.

They affirmed and recalled that the kingdom was the only country to have become a country of welcome and heart for thousands of migrants who chose to settle there and that Morocco welcomed them in return.

Indeed, Morocco has transformed in the space of a few years, from a transit country to a host country for African migrants. Since 2018, the kingdom has become the first country to regularize 50,000 undocumented migrants.

The ambassadors also strongly condemned the networks of migrant smuggling that they hold responsible for this situation and called, at the same time, for the strengthening of security cooperation between African countries, in order to fight against the numerous human smuggling networks. humans.




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