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AfDB grant to Morocco for the development of water resources supply | MoroccoLatestNews French

The African Development Bank (AfDB) recently approved the granting to Morocco, via its Technical Assistance Fund for Middle-Income Countries, of a grant of 201,000 euros with the aim of providing the government with technical assistance to design studies for dams, development of waterways and interconnection studies between hydraulic basins.

A press release from the Pan-African financial institution specifies that this assistance, intended for the Department of Hydraulic Development of the Ministry of Equipment and Water, has two components.

These are, first of all, design studies for dams and interconnection between hydraulic basins, by providing the Department of Hydraulic Development with technical assistance (provided by high-level experts) for studies design of projects for large and small dams, rivers and interconnections between hydraulic basins.

Secondly, it is a question of ensuring the management, monitoring and coordination of the project for the implementation of this technical assistance.

With regard to the results expected at the end of the technical assistance, the Bank specifies that it will make it possible to assess the technical feasibility of large and small dams, watercourse protection and interconnection projects before their launch.

It also involves ensuring the most suitable design for the project, by carrying out technical expertise, and confirming the technical characteristics of complex projects by calling on experts in the field.



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