Advertising/Ramadan: Food, telecom…The sectors that invest the most

The month of Ramadan is a month of advertising par excellence. However, some sectors invest more than others to make the most of the audience importance of the holy month.

Below are the sectors that invest the most in advertising during Ramadan, according to figures collected by the information processing specialist Imperium for the first 10 days of the month.

– The Food sector (+36%) invested some 91.3 million dirhams (MDH), followed by the Telecommunications sector (+6%), having invested 85.9 MDH, and the Insurance sector -Finance, with a 220% increase, having invested 28.1 million dirhams.

– Banking-Insurance remains the 4th sector with the most investment in 2022, with a budget of 27.2 million dirhams.

– In fifth and sixth place are respectively the sectors of Building-Public Works (+5% / 22.3 MDH) and that of Beverages (-4% / 16.3 MDH).

– The Real Estate sector recorded a significant increase of 928% (4.8 MDH), followed by Pharmacy-Medicine with an advertising budget up 339%, for a total of nearly 5.2 MDH.

– Other sectors invested more in 2022, such as Education-training (+202%), Distribution (+93%), Industry (+43%) and Culture (42%).

– In addition, the poster and the press saw the greatest increase in the number of their advertisers, with respectively +24 advertisers and +60 advertisers having communicated on these media.



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