Achievements that have made Morocco an emerging country

Achievements that have made Morocco an emerging country

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Throne Day, the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of Salé organized a conference under the theme “The Royal Will to make Morocco an Emerging country”. “An opportunity to look back on the African leadership of King Mohammed VI on the great achievements”, according to Mohammed Benhammou, president of the Moroccan center for strategic studies.

Diving into the heart of the extraordinary economic transformation of Morocco, such is the objective of this conference at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of Salé. Asked by MoroccoLatestNews, Omar Hniche, acting dean and vice-president of Mohammed V University in Rabat, told us that “this is an opportunity to come back to the King’s speech in which he announced his desire to of Morocco an emerging country”.

During the conference, the participants highlighted the political stability enjoyed by Morocco, one of the key points that favored investment and economic development.

“The strategic geographical location of Morocco is also highlighted, the Kingdom is located at the crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East, an important gateway for trade and investment,” said said Mohammed Aoujar, former Minister of Human Rights. Indeed, the country has trade agreements with several African, European and Arab countries. A major asset for its economic and social development as a member of several regional economic organizations such as the African Union, the Arab League and the Arab Maghreb Union.

In addition, Omar Hniche confirmed that “this royal will is expressed on the ground especially over the past two decades through several structural reforms, on the political, constitutional, geopolitical, strategic, economic, social and societal levels”.

“The launch of major structuring projects such as the port of Tangier Med or those of Dakhla and Nador is a mark of the progress made by our country”, explains the vice-president of the University Mohammed V of Rabat.

Morocco is a pioneer in several fields: industry, aeronautics, automotive, renewable energies. This has allowed the country to experience significant momentum in the context of this emergence,” continues the dean of the faculty.

In terms of renewable energies, Morocco is a leader in Africa with numerous solar and wind projects. The country has set itself the goal of producing 52% of its energy mix by 2030.

Moroccan tourism booming

The other key element of Moroccan development is the tourism sector. The Kingdom is a destination of choice for visitors from all over the world. “Thanks to its cultural richness, its varied cuisine, its landscapes and its historical sites, tourism has experienced spectacular growth during the first quarter of the year 2023”, underlined Mohamed Aoujar, former Minister of Justice. According to statistics published by the Tourism Observatory, the figures show a significant increase in overnight stays in classified tourist accommodation establishments (EHTC) with an increase of 238% compared to the same period in 2022.

As a result, Mohamed Al Orabi, former minister and president of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs explained to us that he “strongly believes in Moroccan skills”. “It is a very rich land and I believe that Moroccans will enjoy many promising years thanks to the King’s vision”, concludes Al Orabi.


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