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Accused of plagiarism, French Montana threatened with legal proceedings

French Montana could face justice after a rapper accused him of plagiarism by using lyrics from his song without his consent.

Hot Boys rapper Turk’s attorney has sent French Montana a letter claiming he stole lyrics from his client to put in his 2021 song, “Handstand.”

Based on the letter, obtained by the US tabloid TMZ, Turk claims the Moroccan rapper stole the lyrics to his band’s 1999 hit, “I Need A Hot Girl” without permission.

The 90s group included Lil Wayne, BG, Juvenile and Turk. “I Need A Hot Girl” was one of the band’s biggest hits and landed on Billboard’s Hot 100.

In the letter, Turk’s attorney (whose real name is Tab Virgil Jr.) said he would take legal action unless a settlement could be reached over the 2021 song, which was released with Doja Cat and featured Saweetie.

However, according to a source familiar with the matter contacted by TMZ, the Casablanca native claimed to have bought the rights to the beat and chorus thinking everything was fair, but it appears that was not the case.

French’s team is already trying to rectify the situation, while Turk’s attorney, Paul M. Aloise Jr., said they were ready to settle without going to court.




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