Abortion of a drug smuggling operation

The members of the Judicial Police Brigade of the security zone of Beni Makada, in coordination with the Judicial Police in Tangier, succeeded, this Wednesday morning, in aborting a major international drug trafficking by seizing a record shipment of approximately 31 tons and 197 kilograms of hashish.

According to the press release from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), this operation was carried out inside a warehouse located on the road to Rabat at the exit of Tangier, in which members of the anti-gang brigade, of the region, the regional intervention brigade and the canine brigade took part, under the supervision of judicial police officers from the Tangier police headquarters.

The warehouse was in the region of “Badriouyene”, indicates a press release from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), and the interventions carried out in this case, adds the same source, have led to the arrest of a person 61-year-old, with a criminal record, suspected of being linked to a criminal network active in international drug trafficking, while inspections inside the warehouse resulted in the seizure of a large refrigerated trailer containing dozens of bags and packages filled with Chira.

Large quantities of drugs were also found inside the same warehouse, packaged and stuffed into fruit and vegetable “sculptures”.

According to the same source, tons of narcotics seized were made available to the competent customs services, while the arrested suspect was kept in police custody following searches carried out by the judicial police in Tangier, with the aim of identifying everyone involved in this criminal network.

The statement concludes that this qualitative process is part of the ongoing efforts of the General Directorate of National Security to combat and dismantle international criminal networks in general, and those active in the international trafficking of narcotic and psychotropic substances in particular.



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