Abellatif Miraoui invites representatives to the dialogue table

After a standoff that has lasted too long between the parents of Moroccan students in Ukraine and the government, the Minister of Education, Abdellatif Miraoui, finally takes the initiative to invite them to the table dialogue to discuss the various problems of its students, following an exchange with the representative Coordination.

On the eve of the examination for integration into medical faculties, officials from the Ministry of Higher Education contacted student representatives from Ukraine to invite them to a meeting to be held this week, in the presence of the general secretary and deans of the faculties of medicine and pharmacy, to discuss the points of contention, according to sources of MoroccoLatestNews.

During this meeting, the student representatives intend, as confirmed by the same sources, to defend the legitimacy of the integration of students from Ukraine, the taking into account of the current academic year 2021-2022, and the suppression of the N-1 condition.

Representatives of Ukrainian students also intend to discuss the conditions for continuing studies in Ukraine at a distance, but also in neighboring countries of Ukraine. It will also be a question of defending the option of the Positioning test instead of the admission exam, the latter having to identify a group which will not be admitted and whose fate will be unknown.

Thus, the students consider that their return from Ukraine was forced due to the outbreak of the war. For them, the situation is exceptional and requires a solution and exceptional measures as well as the activation of the foundation of solidarity that the Moroccan Constitution advocates in such social conditions, as what happened during the health crisis linked to the Covid-19, when many laws and procedures were circumvented or changed in order to manage the pandemic.

In an interview with MoroccoLatestNewsthe parents and guardians of students from Ukraine have confirmed that the psychological effects caused by the events and horrors of war, flight from the country in addition to the tension and uncertainty around their academic future since their return to the country, prevents these students from preparing themselves psychologically to take any type of exam.

On the other hand, they consider that Morocco’s recognition of Ukrainian diplomas is ” incompatible with the admission exam proposal and reinforces the legitimacy of direct integration without conditions or restrictions, especially since the advanced and globally recognized level of studies in Ukraine as well as its international ranking, are proof of the quality of the training provided in this country“.

Likewise, the parents report that with regard to the teaching notebooks, and after carrying out a comparative study of the subjects taught in each level between the Moroccan faculties and their Ukrainian counterparts, it turns out that the difference is not as severe and does not require the adoption of the N-1 option. ” And in this case, students can be enrolled in year N1 with the possibility of later taking remedial exams in certain subjects.“, they recommend.

Thus, the parents and guardians of Moroccan students in Ukraine require that the integration exam be carried out in the language of instruction in Ukraine (Russian, Ukrainian – English – French), according to the candidate’s choice.

For its part, the Embassy of Ukraine in Morocco expressed the will of the Ukrainian State to continue the education of Moroccan students at the level of its establishments. The diplomatic representation has in this sense seized the Moroccan ministry of supervision, proposing the conclusion of partnerships and agreements to ensure training on the ground in Morocco with the establishment of an administrative formula for recognition of this training by the two parties.



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